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Discovergy Services as a White Label Solution

Meet the requirements of the Smart Meter Rollout today.
And create the foundation for strong customer loyalty.


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In apporaching the digitalisation of the measurement infrastructure due to the upcoming smart meter rollout, municipal utilities and independent electricity providers face enormous challenges. As a result of the Act (§ 61 & § 62 of the MsbG), new possibilities for visualising electricity consumption must be created. This applies both to connection users with smart metering systems and to consumers who receive a simple, digital meter without a gateway (modern metering equipment). In addition, consumer demand for full energy transparency and a clear overview of costs is growing in times of increasing competition. Great news: Using our future-proof metering technology and our services as an independent metering point operator, you can seize the smart meter rollout as the opportunity for successful customer retention and acquisition. This is made possible by our Discovergy Platform as a white label solution.

We customize our Platform to your brand...

Discovergy Visualisation Solution create added value for your products

Stromvisualisierung mit einem Smart Meter von Discovergy

Real customer benefit

Manual on-site reading? A thing of the past! Your customers can view the power consumption on our Platform in real time and easily track the consumption of the last days, months or years.

Kundenbindung durch Smart Metering

Customer retention

Avoid the steadily growing competition due to comparison websites. Smart Meter customers remain loyal to their energy supplier: they optimize their consumption without changing the energy supplier.


Transparent invoicing

The biggest nuisance for consumers are back payments. With Discovergy, your customers can compare their electricity consumption with that of the previous month or year at any time and prevent increased costs.

Überschaubare Investitionen für den Smart Meter Rollout

Manageable investment

Avoid large investments and long development processes of your own visualization solution. Discovergy offers tailor-made solutions at a competitive price and guarantees fast implementation.

Neue Geschäftsmodelle als Smart Metering Dienstleister

New business models

In times of digitalization, datasets are highly valuable. With us you have control over your customers' measured values and thus open up new business models in promising areas such as microgrids, variable tariffs or real-time billing.

Smart Metering Lösungen mit hohen Sicherheitsstandards

IT security

As a smart metering specialist, Discovergy meets the highest security standards with state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions. Stay with us on the safe side and avoid the constantly increasing costs for IT security and resources.

Ständige Innovationen in Smart Metering

Steady Innovation

You'll gain an innovative partner in Discovergy. We are setting milestones in smart metering and developing added value for our users. Your customers benefit from future-oriented features and innovations such as our Device Detection.

White Label - 3 - bundles new

Our White Label Bundles

The Discovergy Platform can be individually adapted to the characteristics of your brand. White-Label-Basis allows you to customize your logo on the Discovergy Platform. You can also, for example, define the sender information for the entire e-mail communication with the end customer. By upgrading to the White-Label-Premium Bundle, you get a diverse range of customization options. You can additionally decide on URL, colour scheme or font. Furthermore, both our app and the EDIFACT communication between market participants can be adapted to your brand characteristics.


  • Display name "Discovergy" in the Web customer portal is replaced.
  • The Discovergy logo will be replaced by your company logo on the Platform.
  • The favicon (small picture in the browser tab) will be replaced by an image of your choosing.
  • Customized sender mail for unified email communication to end customers.
  • Customized sender name for unified email communication to end customers.
  • Individual header (logo) and footer (imprint) for the complete e-mail customer communication.
  • Customizable functions in the web customer portal.
  • A provided customer logo is affixed to the gateway.
  • Customer-specific footer in the portal with its own imprint and data protection notice.

energy visualisation metering point operator

Visualisation of energy


  • Access the Platform via customer hostname (domain) instead of "".
  • Customer-specific cookie pop-up with link to your data protection page.
  • Individual colour scheme.
  • Customised colours for the consumption graphs.
  • Individual font for the web customer platform.
  • Option to upload a CSS File that defines all colours and fonts of the Platform.
  • Display to the customer (appointments, performances, etc.) in a white label appearance using the Discovergy phone number and e-mail address.

White-Label-App Basis

  • Your own logo and customized app icon in the Android and Apple Store
  • Customized app description
  • Individual data protection agreement and contact details
  • No individual colour scheme

Premium White Label App

Includes white-label app basic functionalities and additional:

  • Customized colour scheme.

White Label - Call to Action

We are happy to inform you personally about our White-Label-Add-On
for the Change processes in metrology (WiM)


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