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Smart metering for the real estate industry

The right smart metering solution for every property.

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Smart Metering Immobilienwirtschaft - 2 - engl.

As an owner or manager of residential and commercial properties, the need for up-to-date consumption data and meter readings is becoming ever greater. In addition, energy consumption and energy efficiency are increasingly important factors in the rental business, which can only be optimised by up-to-date consumption data and simple consumption visualisation and indications of the need for action. As a service provider for the real estate industry as well as for the housing industry we offer a comprehensive portfolio around smart metering up to the preparation of the complete service charge settlement. You choose the Smart Metering solution from Discovergy. We take care of everything else.

Smart Metering für die Wohnungswirtschaft

Smart metering point operation

Manual on-site readout, old news! With our intelligent electricity and gas meters, you have access to all important meter readings at any time.


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Smart Metering für die Immobilienwirtschaft

Tenant-to-rental power supply

Create favourable electricity conditions for your tenants and increase your added value by acting as an energy provider for your premises.


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Smart Metering für Hausverwalter


Our measurement services for water and heat create the necessary transparency for real-time operating cost accounting.


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Smart Metering Immobilienwirtschaft - 3 - engl.

Smart meters for property managers

Smart Meter für Hausverwalter

Smart electricity and gas meters

Our intelligent electricity and gas meters record and transmit the measured values in real time for visualization in the Discovergy Portal. For you as a property manager, this means that on-site reading is no longer necessary, because all meter readings are available to you at all times.

Smart Meter für Hausverwalter

Remote reading of the consumption values

The meter readings are automatically sent to your energy supplier at the requested date of the cycle. The prompt settlement of your electricity and gas suppliers enables you to prepare the service charge settlement to your tenants earlier.

Messdienstleistungen für die Wohnungswirtschaft

Flexible time periods

In our portal you can view all measured values and energy costs over flexible periods of time. Consumption values from previous years or months are also available for comparison.

Immobilienwirtschaft: Smart Metering

Energy transparency for all tenants

Not only you as the property manager benefit from the smart metering point operation provided by Discovergy. With our smart meters, every tenant can access the Discovergy portal and visualize and optimize his or her own energy consumption in real time.

Smart Metering - Mieterstrom - Immobilienwirtschaft - engl

Tenant-to-rental power as a model for success

For buildings with several tenant parties, tenant electricity is the ideal solution to create good electricity conditions for your tenants and contribute to the success of the energy turnaround through local electricity generation. Your tenants benefit from good energy prices, owners increase the value of their property and their own added value.

Measurement concept, meter installation and billing from a single source

We create the appropriate measurement concept for you and take care of the coordination with the responsible network operator. Our tried and tested sum meter model takes all factors into account, whether grid usage and consumption of each rental party, to ensure a perfect fit. Our network of installers ensures the installation and smooth commissioning of our smart meters for your tenant electricity project. So your property can go into regular operation as quickly as possible. Our Discovergy Portal is the tool for efficient tariffing and invoicing for your tenants and offers you intuitive administration and automatic billing systems.

Mieterstrom mit Photovoltaik

Summation meter model of a photovoltaic tenant-to-rental power plant


Kontakt - Smart Metering Wohnungswirtschaft - engl

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Discovergy - Submetering - engl

Submetering and metering services

At Discovergy, we use our outstanding measurement technology not only as an independent metering point operator. In the field of submetering, our measuring services for electricity, gas, water and heat also create the prerequisites for secure, automated remote meter reading and consumption-based billing of heating and operating costs.

Submetering Strom

Submetering for electricity and gas

In the electricity and gas divisions, we handle the installation and operation of our smart meters as sub-meters, if required.

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Submetering for water and heat

For water and heat, the measured values are transmitted to the smart meter gateway via M-Bus wired or wireless (OMS 3.0 and OMS 3.4 standards*). On the other hand, our gateway is responsible for the secure, encrypted transmission of the measured data to our servers.

Submetering: Messdienstleistungen

Visualisierung im Discovergy Portal

Zur Visualisierung der Messwerte werden die Verbrauchslastgänge im Discovergy Portal individuell im Sekunden-, Minuten- oder Tagesintervall bereitsgestellt.

Submetering: intelligente Stromzähler für die Wohnungswirtschaft

Data export for the preparation of the operating cost account

Our system enables the connection to your energy management systems thanks to the JSON API interface and data export in table form and in EDIFACT/MSCONS format. So you can continue to use your own analysis tools.

**The Open Metering System (OMS) is a cross-manufacturer and cross-divisional communication standard for intelligent meters in the context of smart metering. The OMS protocol is the only communication architecture worldwide that integrates all sectors (electricity, heat, gas and water) into one system.

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