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Solutions - Photovoltaic - 1 - Discovergy Photovoltaik-Smart

Smart Metering for Photovoltaics

Discovergy Photovoltaic Smart provides you with a clear picture of the operation and yields of your photovoltaic system

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Solutions - Photovoltaic - 2 - Overview and Control

Smart Meter for Photovoltaics – Maintain overview and be in full control

Get your photovoltaic system ready for the energy future with Discovergy's smart meters. Thanks to the real-time measuring data, you can manage your energy budget effortlessly and monitor all your systems.

Precise Analysis

Precise analysis

A high temporal resolution of the data allows you to monitor your photovoltaic system and prevent malfunctions.

Optimized Operation

Dimensioning of energy storage

By measuring the annual load duration, you can set the optimum storage capacity for your generation plants.

Kaufmännische Betriebsführung

Commercial management

Keep an eye on all quantities, relevant for billing purposes. You always know how much electricity you have fed into the grid.

Technische Betriebsführung

Site management

Detect technical errors and anomalies at an early stage by using the high-resolution measurement data of your production output.

Solutions - Photovoltaic - 3 - Photovoltaic Lite

Discovergy Photovoltaic Smart – meet the requirements of the new MSB Act now!


With Photovoltaic Smart, you can record all values without limitations and fully transparent. In addition, you benefit from legal security when choosing Discovergy as your metering point operator.



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Solutions - Photovoltaic - 4 - Legal Services

Legal certainty Service

Legal certainty & services

Our smart and future-proof solution. We will transmit all meter readings for you.

Intelligenter Bezugszähler

Smart bidirectional meter

We replace your old reference meter with one of our new smart bi-directional meter

Intelligenter Produktionszähler

Smart production meter

We will install a smart production meter in your photovoltaic system.

Solutions - Photovoltaic - 5 - smart solar power

Smart Meter for Photovoltaic-Systems

Smart solar power

We offer a variety of different tools for you as an operator of a photovoltaic system in addition to our smart meters. These allow you to keep track of the operation and yields of your system. You'll always have full control over the solar power you produce, fully independent of your grid operator.


Optimize your own consumption

With the live data you receive, you can shift the use of energy-intensive consumers (e.g. a washing machine) to periods with a production surplus. In this way you remain independent, increase your own consumption rate and make optimum use of your low-cost solar power.


Storage Dimensioning

The optimum size of a storage battery depends on the individual consumption behaviour as well as the capacity and yield of the solar power system. The load profile values made accessible by the Discovergy Smart Meter provide you with the perfect basis for determining the right storage size.

Ein sicheres Gefühl

You will feel assured

You will have the clear picture and all values at your fingertips - thanks to the Discovergy App or our online platform. This way, you are always up to date and can keep an eye on your system with live values accurate to the second.

Solutions - Photovoltaic - 7 - Plant do the talking

Let your site do the talking

Have you ever seen a solar eclipse live through the "eyes" of your photovoltaic system? - Certainly not the most typical use of our Platform and yet you always spot unusual events immediately. This shortens downtimes and saves a lot of money.

production values in real-time

Production data in real time

Thanks to real-time visualization, you will see production reductions or failures immediately and be able to react accordingly. A scenario in which your system is defective and does not generate electricity for several days or weeks unnoticed, is a thing of the past.

Selection of photovoltaic system on the Discovergy App

Solutions - Photovoltaic - 8 - Examples

Examples for Photovoltaics with Discovergy

Whether large or small - anyone who operates a photovoltaic system benefits from the Discovergy solution for smart solar power. Our smart meters will provide the required precision.



Photovoltaic-System with Smart Meter

Krannich Solar GmbH Solar Park

Krannich Solar GmbH & Co. KG builds solar parks worldwide and operates 20 of its own parks with an output of around 40 megawatts in Germany. Discovergy meters provide the necessary summary of all systems and their feed-in and consumption values.


Smart Meter in einer Photovoltaik-Anlage

Private solar plant at a horse stable

Discovergy meters make it possible for Mr. Neumeyer to sell the electricity produced by his 300m2 solar plant directly. For this lucrative direct marketing of solar electricity, the exact real-time values are required - and Discovergy Smart Meters can provide these at a favourable price.


Solutions - Photovoltaic - 9 - Price

168 €

One-time setup fee


120 €


Offer for bidirectional reference meters and production meters. An Internet connection must be provided by the customer. All prices are inclusive of the valid, legal value added tax. The minimum contract duration is 24 months.

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