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Smart Metering für Filialisten - Discovergy

Smart Meter for Retailers

Intelligent metering point operation for an integrated energy management

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Retailers and companies with several locations have an increasing need to keep a close eye on energy consumption, identify potential savings and so implement targeted measures in individual or several locations. For a functioning, centralized energy management system smart meters are essential today, because only then can all consumption values be sent to a central location in real time and visualized. As an independent metering point operator and leading full-service provider of smart metering solutions, Discovergy takes over the comprehensive installation of intelligent electricity meters at all locations of your company.

Filialisten Smart Meter

Nationwide rollout

No matter how many locations your company has. Benefit from our nationwide network of certified electrical installers and our proven competence in the implementation of nationwide smart meter rollouts involving several hundreds or thousands of meters.

Smart Metering für die Immobilienwirtschaft

Simplified management

Reduce the administrative effort in the point of metering point operation drastically and make Discovergy your contact for all electricity and gas meters of the company. As a metering service provider, we also take over the submetering and visualization of consumption values in the water and district heating sectors.

Smart Metering für Einzelnhändler

Cost advantage

Benefit from the clear cost advantage of Discovergy's independent, intelligent metering point operation. Our prices are usually lower than the operation by the basic responsible measuring point operator on site - and this even despite significantly more modern measuring technology and superior visualization options.

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Energy consumption of all locations always in view

Our smart meter are the strongest foundation for integrated energy management, which reduces your energy requirements and CO2 emissions, increases consumption transparency and simplifies billing processes. Our metering technology offers data collection in high resolution. This enables real-time consumption monitoring.

Using the visualization options of our portal, energy managers can view and control the power consumption of all stores. This enables you to make cross-comparisons between your branches and identify savings potential.

The savings potential is particularly promising in the case of large-scale consumers in the branches, such as lighting and room and ventilation technology.

You will also be able to identify incidents immediately and react accordingly. Whether it's a failure of the cooling systems, a malfunction in the power distribution system or use by unauthorized persons: thanks to intelligent electricity meters, problems can be detected and tackled from the very first minute. In addition, smart meters also help with future challenges, such as generating your own electricity or changing electricity providers, and thus make your locations even more future-proof.

Filialisten - Energiemanagement

Smart metering as basis for a strong energy management

Smart Metering für Filialisten

We provide you and your customers with the transparency for the energy audit and provide you with the necessary parts for an energy management system. By storing and processing your consumption values, you retain complete data autonomy, completely independent of your power supplier.

Smart Metering Filialisten

Remote reading of the consumption values

Our Smart Meter eliminates completely the need to read hundreds or even thousands of meters manually on site. On the Discovergy portal, energy managers can now track at any time how much electricity is currently being consumed at which location or generated by a photovoltaic or CHP system. With our Smart Meters there is clarity!

Intelligente Zähler für Unternehmen mit mehreren Niederlassungen

Billing comparison

With the measured values always available, it is easy to compare the consumption of each branch with the actual bills. This way, you can find possible deviations from the consumption that took place and save money at the end of the year.

Smart Meter Gateway: Interner Datenspeicher

Data export

Our solution always offers you the possibility to export all measured values and meter readings in table form, as CSV or to retrieve them in machine-readable form (JSON interface).

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