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Solutions - CHP - 1 - Discovergy CHP smart

Discovergy CHP Smart

Get the best overview of your CHP's yield with smart electricity meters

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Solutions - CHP - 2 CHP with Discovergy - Control

CHP operation with Discovergy – Keep full control

The Discovergy Smart Meters will prepare your combined heat and power unit for the energy world of the future. Thanks to the precise, real-time measurement data, systems or running times can be optimised and your energy balance easily managed.

Genaue Betriebszeiten

Accurate operational analysis

Thanks to the high temporal resolution of the data, you can monitor your CHP plant and precisely analyse the operating times.

Optimierter Betrieb


With the measured annual load duration you can optimally adjust the mode of operation for your power generating plant.

Kaufmännische Betriebsführung

Business management

Keep an eye on all relevant electricity quantities for billing purposes. You will always know how much electricity you have fed into the grid.

Technische Betriebsführung

Technical management

Identify technical errors and anomalies using high-resolution feed-in power readings.

Solutions - CHP - 4 - Legal Certainty

Rechtssicherheit und Service

Legal certainty & service

Our smart and CHP-compliant solution. We take care of transmitting all meter readings from now on.

Intelligenter Bezugszähler

Smart bidirectional meter

We replace your old reference meter with a new smart bi-directional meter from Discovergy.

Intelligenter Produktionszähler

Smart production meter

You get a Smart Meter installed as a production meter in your CHP plant.

Solutions - CHP - 5 - generating smart electricity

Smart Meter for CHP

Generating smart electricity

We offer you a variety of tools. You'll have an overview of the operation and yields of your plant at all times. This way you keep track of your CHP electricity independently of the grid operator.


Optimized Dimensioning

Optimize dimensioning

The measured values of our smart meter will provide you with the annual load duration. This allows you to correctly dimension your generation system and to set the ideal mode of operation.

App and Websites

App & Websites

Gain access to apps and websites and track your consumption and production live. Get access to all analysis tools.

a secure feeling

Feeling assured

Full clarity and accessibility of all performance values via the Discovergy App or the online platform. You are always up to date, thanks to the live values that are accurate to the second.

Solutions - CHP - 6 - CHP smart in action

CHP-Smart by Discovergy in action

The "Hennehaus" in Oldenburg

Discovergys solution for landlord-to-tenant power supply was implemented during the modernisation of this apartment building. Tenants benefit from saving money and landlords can generate additional revenue. A photovoltaic system on the roof and CHPs in cascade connection including battery storage guarantee the power supply. As the system operator, the house owner sells the electricity generated to his tenants.

measuring solution

Measuring solution

Discovergy creates the measuring solution and is responsible for the coordination with the network operator as well as the meter setup for main, production and sub meters.

Energy Analysis

Energy analysis

The Discovergy Platform visualises consumption and production for both operators and tenants. Thus everyone can control and improve their individual power consumption.



Preparation of monthly consumption billing for tenants and EEG billing for plant operators are taken care of by Discovergy.

Kleine Kraft-Wärme-Kopplungs-Anlagen in Oldenburg

Solutions - CHP - 7 - Costs

168 €

One-Time Setup Fee


120 €


Offer for bidirectional reference meter and production meter. An Internet connection must be provided by the customer. All prices include the valid, statutory value-added tax. The minimum contract running time is 24 months.

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