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Smart Metering Solutions - Overview - 1

Discovergy Smart Metering Solutions

We adapt our Smart Metering solutions to your exact needs

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Smart Metering Solutions - 2 - Experience

Rich in Experience

A wealth in experience

Benefit from our many years of experience as the first independent metering point operator in Germany. We understand the challenges and how to solve them.


High customer satisfaction

We adapt our product to all your individual needs to guarantee you energy transparency. This is a convincing concept for our customers and partners.

Ausgereifte Technik

Modern & reliable technology

Thanks to our extensive hands-on experience, we offer you only the best technical implementation. Even for complex measurement concepts demanding the highest requirements

Smart Metering Solutions - 3 - Monitoring

Monitoring of operations - accurate energy values for businesses

Make your business more energy efficient in times of rising energy costs, legal requirements and global climate change. Our smart meter solutions for energy optimization of small and medium-sized enterprises offer many advantages.

Energy Monitoring

Full transparency

Receive fully automated analyses of consumption, all based on the measured data. You have a complete overview of energy consumption, CO2 emissions and energy costs.


High potential for savings

Discover savings opportunities and achieve cost reductions that are many times higher than the investment costs for our smart meter systems.

Einfach und sicher

Future-proof & easy-to-use

Safe and easy to use application - time-saving transparency for energy audits according to DIN EN 16247-1 and energy management for ISO 50001.

Smart Metering Solutions - 4 - Energy Monitoring

Discovergy energy monitoring - a formula for success

Our energy monitoring for companies enables you to determine the exact efficiency of plants and equipment. This makes it easy to formulate recommendations for possible savings of cost and energy.

technical service

Superior metering technology

We offer the appropriate meter for every challenge. Our meters are equipped with secure connections and the highest measuring precision. With our full-coverage technical support we are always at your service.

Full Processing

Full data processing

With the help of our analysis tools you can visualise your data trouble-free. Thus, determining and quantifying consumption data becomes very easy. In addition, user-defined alerts automatically inform you of any discrepancies.

Data export

Customized energy management

Use the advantages of our measuring technology with your own analysis tools as well. We provide full integration possibilities with your energy management system thanks to the JSON API interface and data exports in tabular form.

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Smart Metering Solutions - 5 - Examples

Examplary Industry Solutions

Every monitoring is different from the next. We adapt our solutions exactly to your specific needs. This enables us to offer highly specific solutions that not only meet all your requirements, but also stand out for their user-friendliness.




Mobile network operator

Mobile network operator

Discovergys Solution >



Smart Metering Solutions - 6 - Order Now CTA

Hundreds of companies are already using Discovergy's highly efficient energy monitoring system.


Solutions - Overview - 7 - Energy Generation

More about - Power production with Discovergy

As a plant operator, it is essential that you maintain an overview of operation and yields. This is how Discovergy can assist you.

For all installations

For all installations

Whether photovoltaic plant, combined heat and power plant, wind power or biogas plant - With our solutions for energy producers, your electricity becomes smart.

Commercial management

Commercial management

Keep an eye on all invoice-relevant electricity quantities. Thanks to exact feed-in values, you can see how much money you earn with your electricity.

Technical management

Technical management

Detect technical errors and anomalies in real time using high-resolution measurement of your generated power.

Solutions - Overview - 8 - Turn your Sites intelligent

photovoltaic system on the discovergy app

Turn your sites smart

We offer photovoltaic and CHP systems operators the necessary solutions to get the most out of your green electricity:




Photovoltaic smart for the full overview

Get an overview of the yields of your photovoltaic system with Discovergy Smart Meters and help shaping the energy future.


Discovergy Photovoltaic Smart >




CHP-Smart for the full overview

Get full control over the operation and yield of your CHP with Discovergy Smart Meters - and be prepared for the future.


Discovergy CHP-Smart >


Solutions - 10 - Join Energy Future

Join us now shaping the decentralised future of energy!

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Smart Metering Solutions - 11 - landlord-to-tenant

Operating landlord-to-tenant power supply with Discovergy

Discovergy makes it possible to sell electricity from photovoltaic systems and combined heat power plants directly to end consumers in apartment buildings. Our landlord-to-tenant power supply principle: tenants save costs while owners earn money - we ensure smooth processing.

cost effective

Highly profitable & cost-effective

House owners can earn up to 30% more by selling their electricity locally. At the same time, electricity consumed this way is usually much cheaper for consumers than mains electricity.

all-round customer management

All-round customer management

Automatic consumption-based billing per residential unit. Intuitive management of electricity customers and contract data. Payment processing and reporting for plant operators.

Complex combining of energy

Sustainable energy supply

By combining photovoltaics, combined heat and power generation and battery storage, self-sufficient buildings that are largely independent of the power grid will become possible in the medium term.

Solutions - 12 - landlord-to-tenant - winning formula

Discovergy landlord-to-tenant power supply amendsmuehle

Discovergy landlord-to-tenant power supply - the winning formula

All parties benefit from our microgrid solutions: In addition to financial and ecological advantages, tenants and landlords gain full control over their energy - This marks your start into the future of renewable energy.

Cost reduction

Cost reduction

You can offer the locally generated electricity to your tenants at more attractive conditions, because costs such as grid fees, concessions or electricity taxes are eliminated. These low prices open up saving-potentials in ancillary costs. And thus, new leeway for pricing the rent.

full-coverage technical support

Proven metering solutions

We offer the appropriate metering solution for nearly every requirement. And with our full-coverage technical support, we are always there for our customers.

More appealing real estate

More appealing real estate

Landlord-to-tenant power supply turns apartment buildings into sustainable green power plants. Tenants know exactly how and where their electricity is produced. Properties with a microgrid thus become significantly more attractive for tenants or buyers.

Solutions - Overview - 14 - all parties benefit

All parties involved benefit from landlord-to-tenant power supply. Request your personal consultation now!

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