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Lösungen für Mobilfunkbetreiber

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Mobilfunk - 2 - Mobilfunkbetrieb - viele Herausforderungen - engl

Mobile operation - the many challenges

Providers of telecommunications services and mobile operators in particular face a multitude of challenges.

Unterschiedliches Telekom-Equipment

Equipment and Maintenance

A multitude of different facilities per site, sometimes unused or non-functioning.


Increasing energy costs

Energy costs are becoming an increasingly important part of costs.


Complex accounting

Unclear allocation of costs to the various energy consumers complicates processes.


Problems of stability

Power outages and high dependence on expensive redundancy systems (batteries, UPSs and generators)

Lösungen - Branchenlösungen - Mobilfunk - 3 - Unsere Lösung – Discovergy MTM - engl.

Our solution - Discovergy MTM

Discovergy has developed a calibrated monitoring and measuring solution (MTM) dedicated to the telecommunications market that provides operators with the benefits listed below. Discovergy has already sold and deployed more than 10,000 of its MTM solutions in the telecommunications industry.

Discovergy MTM System

Our contribution for your monitoring:



Site specific and detailed controlling

With our smart meters and services you get a full analysis and visualization of the consumption and costs per location.


Cross-site comparison

Discovergy Smart Meter will provide a cost overview and cost allocation as well as benchmarking for all sites. You also get the availability overview of the power supply of all your locations.

correct readings

Avoid incorrect meter readings

You can quickly expose electricity theft by checking consumption and comparing electricity bills in our portal.

Sichere Erweiterungsinvestitionen

Greater assurance for investments

Use our Dimensioning tool for expansion investments (e.g. required average and maximum power per location for photovoltaic and battery storage).

Solutions - Business Solutions - Mobile - 4 - Monitoring

Discovergy assists with monitoring:



Benchmarking of locations

Quickly identify power guzzlers or any anomalies by comparing sites.

Technical monitoring

Technical monitoring

Quickly eliminate incorrect settings or leakages. Easy maintenance and simple optimization of settings or operating times (e.g. air conditioning and lighting).


Reducing costs

Costs can be saved by switching off or dismantling unnecessary equipment and shifting of peak loads. This also has an effect on pricing through contracting and framework agreements.

Mobilfunk - 5 - Jetzt unverbindliche Lösung anfordern - engl.

Give us a try and let our practice-proven solution for mobile operators convince you!

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