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Companies - Overview - 1 - Smart Meter for Companies

Smart Meter Rollout for Companies

Hundreds of companies are already optimizing their energy with Discovergy.


Companies - RLM Smart Meter for Companies

Intelligenter Stromzähler für Großverbraucher und Unternehmen

Smart RLM meter for businesses

Discovergy's smart RLM electricity meter is especially designed for companies with very high electricity consumption and will play a key role in your new energy management.

Legal requirements

Legal requirements

With an electricity consumption of more than 100 megawatt hours per year, you and your company are legally obliged to the so-called "Registering Power Measurement" ("Registrierenden Leistungsmessung" or RLM in short) (according to §12 of the Electricity Grid Access Ordinance). Our RLM electricity meters are ideally suited for this purpose.

precise metering values

In-depth energy monitoring

While the law requires only four measurements per hour, our RLM Smart Meter records 60 values per hour - i.e. every minute. On the basis of these values, precise monitoring of your energy consumption is made possible in the first place. The RLM electricity meter is equipped with an optical D0 interface and can therefore be easily integrated into your existing energy monitoring system.

concise values

Technical management

Due to the high temporal resolution of the consumption values and the unique device detection, you can monitor your operation or production plant and detect technical errors and anomalies at an early stage. This prevents possible failures and reduces costs.

Companies - 2 - schedule for Rollout

Schedule for the Smart Meter Rollout in Germany

Smart Meters are set to replace old mechanical meters in the coming years. This was decided by the German legislature in the Law on Digitizing the Energy Transition 2016. The Smart Meter primarily refers to the digital, Smart electricity meter that records data on electricity consumption in a commercial or industrial enterprise, for example. This data is made available to other parties in the energy market via a communication module - the so-called Smart Meter Gateway.

Smart Meters enable, for example, the implementation of variable electricity tariffs, the monitoring and management of decentralized electricity generators such as photovoltaic systems or combined heat and power plants, as well as real-time visualization and management of electricity consumption. Smart meters can also be used for other energy sources such as heat, gas and water.

Background for the smart meter rollout is to establish the technical infrastructure required for the transformation of the german energy structure. The aim is to use electrical energy more efficiently and to make it available wherever it is needed despite the increasing decentralisation of energy production.

This is the only way to achieve a complete transition to renewable energies.

In the first step of the smart meter rollout, from 2017 on, smart meters will replace the existing meters for consumers with more than 10,000 kilowatt hours per year. Energy-intensive companies and commercial enterprises can thus optimize their electricity consumption effectively. As of 2020, the limit for mandatory installation is lowered to metering points with more than 6,000 kWh.

Discovergy, as a metering point operator and leading full-range provider of smart metering solutions, is the ideal partner for the implementation of smart meters in your company. As an experienced service provider, we ensure the fast and hassle-free installation of smart meters. In addition, we offer various Platforms (web portals, mobile apps) for you to use, thus enabling full transparency and control over energy consumption.

Companies - Banner - smart electricity meter for Companies

Smart RLM electricity meter - meet the requirements of the new MSB law now!


Discovergy's RLM Smart Meter is the foundation for intelligent energy management in the industrial and commercial sector. In addition, you receive full legal security with Discovergy as your new metering point operator.



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Smart Meter for Companies - Monitoring

Monitoring - Accurate energy values for companies

In times of rising electricity prices, reliable energy data is becoming more and more important, especially in the fields of industry and commerce. There is an increasing need for all enterprises to make electricity consumption more transparent. This is the only way they can implement appropriate measures to improve energy efficiency, for example in production processes.

Smart Meter Rollout

Full transparency

Discovergy has developed algorithms that systematically evaluate your consumption data. Detailed information is comfortably displayed via the Discovergy smartphone app or the web portal. In this way, you will always have an overview of energy consumptions, costs and CO2 emissions.

Excellent measuring precision

Excellent measuring precision

Our RLM Smart Meters ensure error-free measuring results. These are transmitted securely and encrypted via our self-developed communication module, the Meteroit Smart Meter Gateway. We offer the right measuring system for every requirement. In addition, our technical support team is available nationwide.

Customized energy management

Customized energy management

You can download your consumption data at any time, integrate it into your own analysis applications and edit it there. This is made possible by the JSON API interface and the data export tool.

Smart Meter for Companies

Companies - RLM Smart Meter - technical data

Smart RLM Electricity Meter - Technical Data

Interfaces Optical data interface D0
CL0, RS485
IEC 62056-21
19200 Baud (fixed or Mode C/E)
Voltage 3 x 58/100 V...3 x 240/415 V (optionally 3 x 57,7/100...3 x 277/480 V) or up to 3 x 400/690 V
Current & Frequency 5||1 A, 1(6) A, 1(10) A, 5 A, 1 A, 5(20) A
50 Hz, 60 Hz
Accuracy class Active energy Cl. B (Cl. 1)
Reactive Energy Cl. 2
Control inputs S0-Input max. 2
System max. 9
(max. 10 inputs possible in total)
Display VDEW-Display (84 x 24 mm)
Communication module GSM/GPRS, Ethernet, Analog, RS485
Data protocol IEC 62056-21
Dimensions (H x B x T) 285 x 180 x 80 mm




One-time setup fee




Additional costs for the takeover of measuring transducers or ripple control systems from the network operator. To use the Discovergy product, an Internet connection must be provided by the customer. If there is no wired network connection in the immediate vicinity of the meter cabinet, an optional GSM Internet connection can be provided (costs for data communication during the contract period are 59.50 euros per year). The minimum contract duration is 48 months. All prices are inclusive of VAT.



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