Gateway - Overview - 1 - Smart Meter Gateway

Discovergy Smart Meter Gateway

Meteroit 3.5 - secure communication for intelligent measuring systems


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Smart Meter Gateway - 2 - Our Meteroit

Meteroit 3.5 – our Smart Meter Gateway

At Discovergy, we are convinced that the digitalization of the energy industry will drive a consistent shift to renewable energies and climate protection. Therefore, we have developed our own Smart Meter Gateway. This gateway, called Meteroit, plays a key role in the communication between smart electricity meters (smart meters) and other participants in the energy market (end consumers, electricity providers and grid operators).

Smart Meter Gateway

Wired (serial interface) and wireless (wireless M-Bus with OMS3 and OMS4) connection of meters to the Smart Meter Gateway.

Data transmission from Smart Meter Gateway to server via LAN and mobile.

Ideal for submetering thanks to the support of different meter types (electricity, gas, heat, water).

Customizable measuring interval for each connected meter type, from one second to 24 hours or to defined target dates.

Trouble-free integration of over one hundred devices via a single Smart Meter Gateway.

Low data consumption due to efficient compression.

Secured update mechanism via dual stored firmware images. If, for example, the new firmware does not function correctly after an update, the gateway can simply revert to the previous configuration until the error has been rectified.

Signed firmware updates for secure updates that can only be performed by Discovergy.

Safe and controlled shutdowns thanks to internal energy storage - even in the event of a power failure.

Complete data security thanks to encrypted transmission.

Gateway - Overview 3 - Smart Meter Gateway security standards

Meeting the highest security standards - our Smart Meter Gateway

The Discovergy Smart Meter Gateway has been developed by our IT experts to ensure the authenticity and privacy of communication processes. Our Meteroit Smart Meter Gateway offers the highest security standards even in different locations (single-family homes, housing associations, single- and multi-device solutions).

Wide Are Network and Smart Meter Gateway

Encrypted transmission

The Meteroit Smart Meter Gateway from Discovergy uses SSL encryption. And even data packets that may be intercepted do not allow any conclusions to be drawn about consumption. Signed firmware updates ensure that updates can only be carried out by Discovergy.

Smart Meter Gateway in the Local Metrological Network

Unidirectional communication

Communication connections can only be established from the inside to the outside. This renders manipulations or attacks impossible.

Smart Meter Gateway in Home Area Network

Secure link between networks

The Meteroit Smart Meter Gateway isolates the three different networks (LMN, HAN and WAN) in order to fulfil its role as a link between the components of the modern distribution network (Smart Grid). For this purpose, the Smart Meter Gateway features a firewall.

Smart Meter Gateway developed by Discovergy

Since the Law on digitizing the energy transition came into effect in 2016, Discovergy, as a metering point operator, and our Smart Meter Gateway have been undergoing certification procedures at the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

In this certification process, the specifications of the BSI Protection Profile BSI-CC-PP-0073 for smart meter gateways, TR 03109, PTB-A 50.8 and the FNN specification are met.

Gateway - Overview 4 - Smart Meter Gateway - surroundings

The different facets of the Smart Meter Gateway

As the linchpin of the smart metering system, the Smart Meter Gateway is the key component for receiving, storing, processing and transmitting measuring data from Smart Meters. In compliance with BSI security requirements, the Smart Meter Gateway transmits the encrypted data packets via the three separate networks (WAN, LMN and HAN). This is where the secure communication between components and market participants is carried out.

Smart Meter Gateway: Sicherheitsmodul

Wide Area Network (WAN)

In the wide area network, the Smart Meter Gateway connects with the market players as well as with its administrator.

Smart Meter Gateway: Sicherheit

Local Metrological Network (LMN)

The connected smart meters (electricity, gas, water, heat) of one or more end users communicate in the LMN. The measuring data is sent to the Smart Meter Gateway.

Schritt 3: Energie entdecken

Home Area Network (HAN)

The Smart Meter Gateway connects to the installed power generators (photovoltaic system or block-type thermal power station) in the home network and provides data for the end consumer and the service technician.

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