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More than just electricity, gas or heat - tomorrow's energy market will be predominantly intelligent. The focus here is on conscious, intelligent consumers who want to keep regular control of their consumption values, their electricity tariffs and their energy production. They are supplied with energy by a highly complex, communicating power grid (smart grid) and feed in any surplus electricity. Discovergy - as an independent metering point operator - is convinced of this vision. That is why we work daily on the further development of our Smart Meter devices, which we install and operate today, for the energy market of tomorrow.

But how does a meter get smart? What components is a Smart Meter made of?

what is a smart metering system

Digital meter

The basic task, data acquisition, is performed by a digital meter (basic meter) - just as in traditional metering technology. In contrast to the conventional mechanical Ferraris meters used up to now, these digital meters are based on electronics and ensure that power consumption is recorded every fifteen minutes and, in the case of some devices, even to the second and stored in the hardware.

Meteroit – our Smart Meter Gateway

The heart of every smart metering system is the smart meter gateway, the communication module responsible for transmitting the energy values. Without a smart meter gateway, there would be no connection between market players. Discovergy developed its first own gateway back in 2009. The experience we have gained with these gateways is now flowing into the development of our new, BSI-compliant Smart Meter Gateway.

Discovergy Smart Meter

A smart meter does not necessarily create added value. It depends a lot on how the collected data is processed and displayed for the consumer. We are proud to say that with the Discovergy Platform we have developed one of the best solutions in the energy market for the visualization of smart meter measurement data. Customers can track their power consumption in real time and even identify the power demand of individual devices.

Smart Metering System - 3 - our systems

Our Smart Meter devices

Discovergy is a full-range provider of smart metering solutions and offers a wide field of hardware and services for the energy market of the future. The basis are smart electricity meters (smart meters), which can be used according to legal requirements. They ensure the reliable acquisition and transmission of measurement data to the metering point operator and their evaluation in real time.

smart metering for households

SLP smart meters for households and small commercial customers

Energy consumers who want to optimize their energy consumption at home or at work are measured according to the standard load profile (SLP). These end customers need a corresponding SLP meter, which Discovergy of course does provide. These meters are ideal for controlling and - if necessary - optimizing power consumption.This enables the end customer to determine his exact base load or how much energy individual machines or devices do consume. In the past, SLP customers only received an electricity bill once a year: With Discovergy however, it is possible to see how high consumption and the associated costs actually are at any time.

Discovergy SLP-Meter >

Intelligente Messsysteme für Grosverbraucher

RLM smart meters for large-scale consumers

If the consumption is higher than for customers with a standard load profile, only a RLM meter can be considered. RLM stands for Registered Power Measurement and is usually used when consumption exceeds 100,000 kilowatt hours per year. The RLM meter records the actual consumption, the generation of electricity, the output and, if necessary, the reactive energy every quarter of an hour. In contrast to SLP meters, the output is measured in kilowatts. The electricity provider receives the data from the grid or metering point operator as a load curve every month. Unlike an SLP customer, an RLM customer is billed each month with the exact data, because an estimate could lead to high advance or additional payments.

Discovergy RLM-Meter >

Intelligente Messsysteme für Energieerzeuger

Electricity meters for energy producers

Energy producers who aim for the greatest possible own consumption need transparency regarding generation, consumption and feed-in. Discovergy offers this overview using real-time data, which makes it easy to optimize generation and consumption at home or businesswise. The Discovergy Platform visualizes how many kilowatt hours are currently being generated and consumed - at any time and down to the second.

Discovergy Bidirectional Meter >

Intelligente Messsysteme für Gas (Gas Smart Meter)

Smart Gas Meter

The Discovergy Smart Gas Meter is a mechanical
bellows-type gas meter with an integrated absolute encoder (AE3), which digitizes the meter readings. These readings are transmitted via an M-Bus interface to the connected communication module, the Smart Meter Gateway,
and from there further transferred on our Platform. Here, the current consumption can be tracked in real-time at any point.

Discovergy Smart Gas Meter >

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We would be pleased to inform you personally about our Smart Metering devices and white label solutions for energy suppliers and network operators.

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Smart Metering System - 5 - Benefits

Discovergy Smart Metering – Benefits

As a specialized metering point operator for smart metering solutions, we not only install and operate smart metering systems. Discovergy's top priority is to make data available under the highest security conditions for real-time visualization and consumption optimization on our Platform. This is how we want to generate tangible added value for you as our customer. Benefit from our unique functions and services - available as a white label solution as well.


Discovergy Platform >        White-Label Solutions for energy suppliers >        

Discovergy Portal für intelligente Messsysteme

Measuring in real-time.

Although legislation only stipulates a 15-minute cycle, Discovergy Smart Meters measure energy consumption in real time.

Energy intelligence platform.

With our Platform, Discovergy provides a versatile tool that is also available as a white label solution. Here, layout and design are customized according to the template and wishes of your company. The features of our platform can also be flexibly adapted to the needs of the respective customer target group.

Clarity for individual devices and systems.

This results in numerous new business models for municipal utilities and energy providers. With the Discovergy device detection, the visualization of energy consumption can be fine-tuned so that, for example, individual billing for each device would be possible.

As a result, consumers can obtain information as to when the purchase of a new, more efficient device can be profitable. This leads to numerous new business models for municipal utilities and energy providers.

Notifications sent straight to your smartphone.

Discovergy keeps consumers informed about unusual circumstances by sending notifications directly to their mobile phone. This can be high consumption values for individual devices or an unusual total consumption. Even if the Smart Meter does not send any data due an outage of the internet or a blackout, you will also be notified. All this information ends up on your mobile phone for your convenience.

Legal requirements.

Discovergy ensures compliance with all legal requirements and thus simplifies the range of smart metering services for end consumers. We comply with the requirements of ISO 27001 (IT-Grundschutz), the Metering Point Operating Act (MsbG), the Energy Industry Act, the Renewable Energy Sources Act and many other regulations.

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