Prepaid Smart Meter - 1 - Discovergy smart prepaid meter

Discovergy Prepaid Smart Meter Solution

Smart prepaid for energy suppliers and network operators against bad debt losses
and cost-intensive interruptions

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Prepaid Smart Meter - 2 - we change your meter

Default on receivables and energy shortages are annoying for all concerned and can be easily avoided with Discovergy's prepaid solution. With our end-to-end solution, you save additional costs for interruptions and the customer can conveniently check his electricity account online on the Discovergy Platform or via mobile app at any time and even top up his credit. As a leading full-service provider for smart metering, Discovergy offers everything in one place. The prepaid solution includes the Discovergy prepaid smart meter equipped with a switch-off device as well as the billing solution on our servers with tariff, credit and customer management. For your customers, we offer a white label web platform and a mobile app for real-time consumption, easy top-up and display of credit.

Please note: Our prepaid meters are not for sale to end users. If you want a full overview of your energy consumption for your home, we look forward to you switching to Discovergy.

Prepaid Stromzähler - Installation

Metering Point Operation

At your request we manage the metering point operation for you. We read out your meter data and transmit it to the responsible network operator. Our accredited installers carry out the meter exchange.

Prepaid Stromzähler: Guthaben aufladen

Top-up & Payment Management

We take care of the complete payment processes and modalities required for topping-up electricity credit. In addition to tariffs, you can also conveniently set up credit packages on the prepaid platform.

Prepaid Strom: Kundenmanagement

Customer Management

On our prepaid platform you can conveniently view tariffs or customer data. With the built-in dashboard, you can quickly and easily get an overview of your prepaid recharges, credit balances and consumption. We can also exchange data with your systems via an API. Meter readings are delivered via MSCONS.

Prepaid Smart Meter: Stromguthaben überprüfen

Self Care Platform & Smartphone App

The web platform and the mobile app offer real-time display of the electricity credit, multistaged reminders to top--up and timely warnings before reaching the consumption limit. In the personal settings, several ways for notifications can also be activated. Optionally, a standard emergency credit can be set up for the customer.

Prepaid Smart Meter by Discovergy

Prepaid Smart Meter Solution with Gateway and Breaker

The Discovergy prepaid solution can be operated in both prepaid and postpaid mode. A meter exchange is not necessary - not even when changing tenants. In prepaid mode, consumption and remaining credit are also tracked in offline mode and, if necessary, a legally compliant interruption is carried out in accordance with the dunning and blocking processes or a performance restriction. This function is deactivated in postpaid mode.

How it works

When installing the Smart Meter (with gateway) and disconnection device, the end customer receives his meter data for registration in the portal or app. After successful registration, the customer can purchase credit packages, top up his electricity account and receive confirmation of activation within a few minutes. A simple button press on the smart meter activates the electricity.

Via customizable notifications the user gets reminders about the top-up and warnings before his credit is used up. On the platform and the app, the customer can also view his remaining credit, his consumption history and the last recharge actions at any time as well as buy new electricity packages or redeem credit codes.

The option of automatically recharging the credit balance by direct debit or setting up an emergency credit balance makes it even more convenient and the switch-off only takes place in special cases.

Overview of functions

Prepaid meter: Law-compliant workflows

Law-compliant workflows

Switching Prepaid/Postpaid

Switching between prepaid / postpaid operation (without meter exchange)

Credit control via Web and App

Credit control via Web and App

Prepaid Meter: Management and Customers

Management of customers, tariffs and credit packages

Prepaid Energy: Dashboard

Dashboard for a quick overview of the system and customer base

configurate emergency credit

Optional: Default emergency credit configurable

We would be pleased to inform you personally about our
Prepaid Smart Meter solution for energy suppliers and network operators

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