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The Discovergy Energy Portal

Unique functions for conscious energy consumers

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Functions - Übersicht - 2 - Real Time and Transparency

Real Time Analysis

Real-Time Transparency

The measured data is recorded and evaluated in real time for optimal energy monitoring.

Data Analysis

Energy Efficiency

Goal-oriented energy management for households and companies thanks to intelligent data analysis.

Data Autonomy

Secured Data

All energy data is stored on independent servers. Available for you, on all of your devices.

Cost Control

Total Control

Detailed energy analyses and automatic notification for unusual data values.

Functions - Übersicht - 3 - All in One

Everything you need - on a single Platform

Our Platform displays your meter readings as well as current and past energy consumption or your energy generation. You will have access to detailed analyses and evaluations and can react to rising or falling consumption values - long before these have a major impact on your annual accounts.

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Functions - Übersicht - 4 - real time monitoring

Accurate monitoring in real time

Thanks to our Platform, you'll always know exactly how much energy you have already used and what costs you have to expect. This way, your annual settlement will no longer be a surprise. If your consumption is unusually high, you can react immediately and maintain control over your expenses this way.

energy monitoring

Real-Time Display

Check which devices and systems consume or generate what amount of electricity - in real time. This will give you a much better understanding of how your electricity consumption is coming about. You can also respond more effectively to power guzzlers.

resolution in real-time

Adjustable Timeframes

You can monitor all measured values of your Discovergy Smart Meter over flexible periods of time. To compare your energy usage on a larger scale, the readings from previous years are also available.

dynamic pricing

Display for Dynamic Pricing

Do you have a variable electricity tariff? With Discovergy you can move into the energy future and keep track of how much you are paying (or getting paid) for your energy.

Discovergy Platform Pricing

Functions - Übersicht - 5 - Expert Tools

Expert-Tools - precise analysis

Using our analysis tools, you can evaluate all major energy consumers and energy-related processes. This enables you to detect anomalies, optimise system settings and eliminate incorrect settings. All necessary tools for economic monitoring (e.g. invoice control, variance analysis) are at your fingertips.

Discovergy Tools for consumption analysis

Trends & Comparisons

Use the benchmark tool to monitor your consumption trend over the last few months. You can also track how your energy consumption compares to other customers.

Breakdown of Consumption

Breakdown of your Consumption

This tool displays how high the energy consumption of certain devices actually is and what costs they are causing.

Load Profile

Load Profile & Others

Load profiles enable the identification of long-term consumption patterns and help to optimise time-varying electricity tariffs as well as the dimensioning of battery storage facilities and generation facilities.

Functions - Übersicht - 6 - Mobile Devices

Discovergy on mobile devices

Use the Discovergy App and literally take your energy consumption into your own hands. You can keep an eye on your energy consumption at anytime, anywhere and can be assured that everything is running smoothly at home.

Transparencys for Devices and Systems

Transparency for individual devices and systems

See in real time how your power consumption changes when devices are turned on and off.

Benachrichtigungen auf Ihr Handy

Receive notifications straight to your smartphone

Receive push notifications and alerts for unusual consumption values right to your mobile phone.

security to be in control

Be in full control, no matter where you are

Anyone home? Does the solar system work, despite the severe storm the day before? With the Discovergy App, you can keep an overview at all times.

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Smart Meter Functions

Functions - Übersicht - 7 - Smart Notifications

Alerts on the Discovergy App

Smart notifications

Discovergy is your personal energy assistant that notifies you of important events and alerts you about unusual consumption patterns.

Discovergy App while on the go

Be reassured while on the go

Simply instruct our energy advisor if and when you want to be notified. This allows you to keep control over unusual consumption and production patterns - no matter where you are.

Smart Alert and Alarm

Smart alert and alarm system

Discovergy notifies you immediately of any irregularities - for example if consumption on weekends exceeds or falls below user-definable thresholds (e.g. if a cooling unit fails).

Functions - Übersicht - 8 - Personal Energy Report

Customized energy report

You receive the projections of the annual accounts from us. You will always have an overview of your consumption and production. No matter which electricity provider you use, your data belongs to you.

Cost Monitoring

Monitoring of costs

You’ll always have an eye on your electricity costs - regardless of the installment payments. High back payments are a thing of the past.

Consumption Comparison

Compare your consumption

Compare your energy consumption with other Discovergy users or with your other sites.

Energy Saving Advice

Suggestions for energy saving

Based on your individual consumption profile, you will receive tips and advice on how to save electricity and money with little to no effort.

Smart Meter Functions

Functions - Übersicht - 9 - Energy Saving

Saving Advice by Discovergy

Energy saving advice

Discovergy helps you to use your equipment at home or in your business more efficiently. This helps you to avoid unnecessary power consumption and reduces your costs.

individual saving tips

Individual saving tips

Get tailor-made recommendations and advice based on your individual consumption profile. Discovergy's energy saving tips are always useful and easy to implement.

Smart Analysis

Smart consumption analyses

You’ll always know exactly whether and when the purchase of new equipment is worthwhile. Our Platform provides the foundation for identifying and analysing the consumption of individual devices and systems.

Functions - Übersicht - 11 - Device Detection

Device Detection

Consistently, Discovergy sets milestone after milestone in the research and development of algorithms that recognize consumption patterns of individual devices and systems. This technology provides you with unprecedented opportunities for intelligent energy management and targeted control of your consumption.

Device Detection

Identifying consumption

With the detailed consumption analyses, you'll always have an eye on the consumption patterns of your appliances. In the case of unusual events, you can activate notifications and avoid unnecessary consumption or failures.

Predictive Maintainance

Predictive maintainance

Thanks to our precise analysis tools, you can always see whether devices and systems are functioning correctly. This allows you to detect and avoid setting errors and imminent device failures at an early stage.

Device Analysis

Future-proof technology

Discovergy customers benefit from all future innovations using our Device Detection. As a result of our ongoing research projects and partnerships, we will continue to develop many innovative solutions in the future.

device detection with Discovergy

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