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About Us - Partner - 1

Discovergy Partner

Become a Discovergy partner and offer your customers state-of-the-art smart metering


About Us - Partner - 2 - Why become a Partner

Why become a Discovergy partner?

You benefit from our nationwide metering point operation with all the associated services. We offer transparency, concept development, technology, services and billing options.


Attract more customers

Increase the demand and the number of your paying customers by expanding your product portfolio.


Strengthen customer loyalty

Impress your customers with new smart metering solutions and deepen your customer relationships.


Become a sales partner

Recommend us to your customers and receive attractive commissions for every new customer.

About Us - Partner - 3 - nationwide


One metering point operator - nationwide

We offer comprehensive technical support and can thus simplify your processing even further. We have a lot of experience with customers who are spread over many locations and can improve the administration via a central metering point operation.

Comprehensive technical support

Comprehensive technical support

Our broad network of technicians and installers can efficiently handle even large rollouts. As a result, we offer our customers a very high level of technical support, no matter where in Germany.

Zentrale Anlaufstelle

Many sites - only one contact person

We provide you with a central point of contact for all your energy-related questions. Thus, you can easily implement a concise energy management system, even at many sites.


About Us - Partner - 4 - Consultants

Industries, that do already rely on Discovergy:

Energy consultants

As an independent energy consultant, it is your daily business to optimise your customers' energy consumption.

Consultant Optimizing

Optimize your consulting services

With our Smart Meters we are able to record the power consumption of your customers to the second and it can be evaluated in detail using our software. Its therefore possible to draw conclusions about the consumption behaviour of the customer and the specific classification of operating devices.

Genaue Datenanalyse

Detailed analysis

You can use our software and analysis tools for focused and customized consultations. We process the data for you in a clear and easy-to-understand layout. You can then use the data to show your customers how they can reduce their electricity consumption and save costs.

Energy Consultant

About Us - Partner - 5 - Electro Gas

Electric Installers

Electrical- & Gas installers

Discovergy works with experienced, local installers to ensure that our smart meters are easy to install and expertly commissioned on site - be it for a private household or a large company. We are always interested in expanding our network of installers to include additional competent partners.

Registered Installers

Registered installers

You need an installation certificate from a German network operator.

Meter Exchange

Experience in changing meters

You have experience with changing electricity or gas meters.

modern technology

Working with modern technology

You enjoy working using the internet and modern technologies.

About Us - Partner - 7 - Providers

Energy providers

As an independent metering point operator, Discovergy has developed solutions to offer you the best Smart Meter system on the market.

Increase efficiency

Increase your efficiency

Optimize internal processes, procurement and load control with accurate consumption data.


Cost reduction

Avoid unnecessary expenditure for the operation of complex metering systems.


Product range

Assure advantages in customer attraction and retention through differentiation of services.

Energy Supplier

About Us - Partner - 7 - Great Company

You'll be in great company

Krannich Solar
Laudeley Betriebstechnik
Einhundert Energie

About Us - Partner - 8 - ideal Partner

Discovergy - the ideal partner for numerous other industries

Many different industries already benefit from a partnership with Discovergy

municipal utilities

Municipal utilities

Municipal utilities have a powerful and flexible partner in Discovergy. We provide you with a tried and tested complete package, especially when it comes to the "Act on the Digitisation of the Energy Transition".



Whether working with universities or other institutes: Discovergy cooperates with many institutions worldwide as a research partner for the most innovative and modern technologies.



As an independent metering point operator, our wide-ranging solutions offer associations the opportunity to work with us in shaping the latest developments in the industry.



As a technology distributor, you can expand your portfolio considerably with our products and thus increase your customer base.

About Us - Partner - 9 - what kind of partner

What kind of partner are you?

Vertriebspartner erhalten Provisionen für Neukunden

Sales partner

Attract new Discovergy customers and earn attractive commissions.


Integration into your solution

You are welcome to extend your own system as well as to connect it with our API interface.


White label partnership

Keep full control of your energy monitoring with our white label solution.

About Us - Partner - 10 - Become a Partner today

Can your business also benefit from a partnership with Discovergy?


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