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Metering Point Operator - 1 - Discovergy your metering point operator

Discovergy - Your Metering Point Operator

Independent metering point operation and metering service provider

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Meter - metering point operation - 2 - free choice

choose metering point operator

Freedom of choice

The "Measuring Access Ordinance"-Act enables the respective user to freely choose his metering point operator and metering service provider.

Legal Foundation

Legal foundation

The "Act on the Opening of Metering Systems for Electricity and Gas" (2008) fully liberalises metering point operation and metering services. As a result, they have been decoupled from the grid operation.

What is metering point operation?

What is metering point operation?

The "metering point" is the point between the grid and the customer's system at which electricity consumption is measured. The "metering point operator" installs and operates these metering systems.

Meter - metering point operation - 3 - scope of services

Our scope of services as a competitive meter operator

measuring system

Operation of the measuring system

We install, remove, operate and maintain
measuring equipment (such as meters, gateways, converters, communication and control

nationwide in germany

All over Germany

Discovergy is responsible for the metering point operation and measuring (also called "metering service"). There is no dependence on the local network operator.

certifide service

Certified service

We guarantee all legal calibration regulations for metering point operation and measuring. To this end, we have negotiated nationwide general agreements with network operators.

measured values

Measured value acquisition & transmission

As a metering service provider, we carry out planned meter readings. We comply with all legal requirements and transmit the values to the grid operator.

data quality

Automated readings

Discovergy complies with the applicable market rules
during the reading (such as load curve data and meter readings) including the hardware and software required for this purpose.

data quality assurance

Data quality assurance

As a metering service provider, we verify the accuracy of your measurement data and transmit any changes to the network operator. We also clarify any discrepancies with the operator.

Meter - metering point operator - 5 - change processes

Change processes with Discovergy

Since the introduction of the "Change Processes in Metrology" in October 2011, there have been binding and standardized rules for market communication between distribution network and metering point operators.

Reliable change processes

Change processes are adapted twice a year and form a solid basis for Discovergy's cooperation with the respective distribution grid operator. Since verifiable deadlines apply to the processing of a meter change, the exchange can
be reliably planned.


Discovergy WiM Manager

The exchange of standardised messages in Edifact format with fixed deadlines and process steps is handled by the Discovergy WiM Manager. This IT system is fully integrated into order processing and forms the foundation of our market role as metering point operator.


Metering point operation - contact

Do you have any questions or suggestions about our products and services as a metering point operator?

Feel free to contact us

Metering Point Operation - technical support

map of germany

Technical support – nationwide

As a nationwide operating, independent metering point operator, Discovergy has a broad network of experienced, local installers at its disposal to ensure the smooth installation and commissioning of our smart metering systems. The decisive factor: we offer you fast, reliable technical support - anywhere in Germany.

nationwide technical support

Licensed contractors

All our installers are certified by a German network operator and have extensive experience in changing measuring equipment. We are continuously expanding our network of technicians and partners to be able to react in a consumer-friendly manner despite growing demand.

Discovergy one contact partner

Large rollouts

For chain stores and companies with several sites, switching to Discovergy as a central, nationwide operating metering point operator brings many advantages. We have the experience and the network to ensure the change of metering points or their ongoing operation, no matter where your sites are located. In addition, Discovergy provides you with only one contact partner. This spares you the work of coordinating with the different local metering point operators responsible at each separate site.

one contact partner

Municipal utilities and energy suppliers

Discovergy is a reliable, capable partner for many municipal utilities and energy providers. We enable you to offer the most innovative, reliable measuring systems on the market, also as white label solutions. Associations and resellers benefit from a partnership with Discovergy as well and can always distribute the latest in measurement technology.

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