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Smart Meter - Übersicht - 1- Discovergy Smart Meter & Gateway

Discovergy smart meters

Free installation for households and businesses with more than 1,500 kWh annual electricity consumption

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Intelligente Stromzähler - Übersicht - 3 - Smart Meter für Energietransparenz

The electricity meter for energy transparency

Just like any other product, electricity should be tangible and easy to understand. How much electricity is consumed daily at home or at work? What is the composition of my electricity bill? Where is the potential for savings hidden? With Discovergy as a metering point operator you are always in the picture about your electricity consumption!

Smart Meter: so funktionieren

Order now

You can order your smart meter in a few seconds. A certified electrician will take care of the installation on site.


Your measured values are stored securely and prepared for visualization on your personal Discovergy account - also available as an app.


With Discovergy you will finally be able to track your power consumption and always keep an eye on it – even when you are on the road.

Smart Meter - Übersicht - 4 - "SLP"-Stromzähler

Smart meter for households

Old meter out, smart meter in - what is mere routine for our electricians means a new, more conscious approach to electricity for many households. You are legally entitled to this freedom: Just like your energy supplier, you can also freely select and change your metering point operator - as a homeowner and owner, but also as a tenant.

Intelligente Stromzähler mit echtem Nutzen

Digital meter with real benefits

The digital meter is available from your basic metering point operator. The Issue: This does not offer you any added value. With Discovergy you benefit from unique visualization and the wide range of functions of our portal

Smart Meter: Messentgelte sinnvoll verwenden

Use your monthly fee effectively

Every year you pay a fixed amount for your metering point operation: the metering fees. If you use Discovergy, this contribution is not included in your electricity bill and we take over the installation, operation and maintenance of your smart meter as your metering point operator.

Intelligente Stromzähler: kostenloser Einbau

Free of charge installation

Your smart meter does not necessarily have to be associated with additional costs: Take part in our energy-saving meter program when you order and save the setup fee for installing your smart meter.

Smart meter for households: Find out more

Bild eines intelligenten Stromzähler von Discovergy

Smart Meter - Übersicht - 5 - Zählerwechsel in drei einfachen Schritten

Three easy steps to your smart meter

Switching to Discovergy is very easy. We only need your contact details and your meter number. After your order, we take care of the coordination with your network operator and the installation of the smart meter at your home.

Schritt 1: Intelligenten Stromzähler bestellen

Order smart electricity meter

Order your smart meter here. Discovergy takes care of the coordination of the meter change with your network operator.

Schritt 2: Einbautermin des neuen Smart Meter wählen

Coordinate installation date

Installation of your new intelligent electricity meter by a certified electrician on your desired date. The installation takes about one hour.

Schritt 3: Energie entdecken mit Ihrem Smart Meter

Discover your energy

The smart meter automatically connects to the Internet and transmits the measured values securely to the portal for evaluation.

Thousands of households and companies are already optimizing their energy consumption with smart meters from Discovergy. Join in now!

Discovergy anrufen

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Please use our contact form. We look forward to your message.

Intelligente Stromzähler - 7 - RLM – Smart Metering für Großverbraucher

Smart meters for business

Small or large-scale businesses - Discovergy's smart meters are the basis for intelligent energy management in companies.

Gesetzliche Vorgaben

Less than 100,000 kilowatt hours per year

Companies with an annual consumption of less than 100,000 kWh are - just like households - equipped with a so-called SLP meter. With Discovergy you are free to determine the temporal resolution of the measured values (15 minutes / 1 minute / 1 second) to be used for visualization.


Intelligente Stromzähler: genaue Messwerte für kleine Gewerbe

More than 100,000 kilowatt hours per year

Companies with a consumption of more than 100,000 kilowatt hours per year are legally obliged to carry out a so-called recording power measurement (RLM). Similar to smaller consumers, our RLM meters record the energy consumption in different resolutions (usually 1 or 15 minute values) and transmit them to the Discovergy Portal for visualization.


Intelligenter Stromzähler für Großverbraucher

Intelligente Stromzähler - Übersicht - 11 - Flexible Anbindungen

Flexible Datenübertragung

Für jede Anforderung den passende Anschluss: Diverse Anbindungsmöglichkeiten stehen unseren Stromzählern zur Übertragung Ihrer Energiedaten zur Verfügung.



Liegt Ihr Internetanschluss in der Nähe des Zählers, lässt sich eine direkte Verbindung per LAN-Kabel herstellen.



Eine GSM-Internetverbindung über das Mobilfunknetz kann zusätzlich bereitgestellt werden (üblich für RLM-Zähler).

Modbus / RS-485

Modbus / RS-485

Unsere RLM-Zähler verfügen zusätzlich über eine serielle RS-485-Schnittstelle zur Vernetzung mit Ihrem lokalen Monitoring.

Smart Meter - Häufig gestellte Fragen rund um Smart Meter


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