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Smart Meter - Overview - 1 - Discovergy Smart Meter

Discovergy Smart Electricity Meters

Smart Meter for intelligent data acquisition and full energy transparency

Order your Smart Meter

Smart Meter - Overview - 2 - accurate real-time values

real-time data with smart meter

Accurate real-time data

Our smart meters record all power values to the second by three phase power measurement.

Datamanagement with smart meter

Perfect data management

All measurement data is encrypted and transmitted to our data center in Germany for storage and processing.

Visualisation with smart meter

Intelligent visualization

The Discovergy Platform allows the detailed display and analysis of your energy via a web browser or mobile app - in real time.

Smart Meter - Overview - 3 - Smart Metering made easy

Smart metering made easy

Our smart electricity meters (Smart Meters) safely transmit the measured data to the Discovergy servers via the communication module (Smart Meter Gateway). There, the data is evaluated by algorithms and neatly displayed on the Platform.

Smart Meter: how it works


Smart Meters record the energy values every second. The Smart Meter Gateway sends the encrypted data to our servers.


The data is securely stored, evaluated by in-house developed algorithms and prepared for visualization.


End users see the measured values live via web or mobile app and receive notifications of self-defined threshold values.

Smart Meter - Overview 4 - SLP meter

"SLP"- smart electricity meter - our all-time classic

The Discovergy standard load profile meter (SLP) is the conventional electricity meter model that replaces the old black analog meter. Your new Smart Meter sends measuring data safely to our servers, our Platform evaluates the data and you can start to discover your energy.

Smart Meter: reliable technology

Reliable technology

Thousands of Discovergy Smart Meters are now in operation. We have been continuously enhancing our technology for many years and offer a reliable smart metering system.

Smart Meter: Hohe Messfrequenz

High measuring frequency

Our electricity meter measures the performance every 2 seconds and thus delivers all energy values in high temporal resolution. A clear advantage when it comes to device detection.

Smart Meters for different cases

Smart meter for every use

We offer our smart SLP meter as a reference meter, bidirectional meter, dual-rate meter and delivery meter without backstop. For both 60 amps and 100 amps.


Image of a Discovergy Smart Meter

Smart Meter - Overview - 5 - Smart Meter replacement

Get your own Smart Meter in three easy steps

Switching to a Discovergy Smart Meter is child's play. We take care of the coordination with your network operator and the installation of the Smart Meter in your home.

Step 1: Order a smart meter

Order Smart Meter

Order your Smart Meter. Discovergy takes care of coordinating the meter replacement with your network operator.

Step 2: Choose installation date

Schedule installation date

We will schedule an installation date with you and coordinate with our certified electricians. The installation takes about an hour.

Step 3: Discover your energy with your smart meter

Discover your energy

The Smart Meter automatically connects to our servers and transmits the measured data securely to the Platform for evaluation.

Smart Meter - Ordering and Contact

Thousands of households and companies optimize their energy consumption with a
Discovergy Smart Meter already. Join now!

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Please use our contact form.. We look forward to your message.

Smart Meter Overview 7 - RLM - Smart Metering Large Consume

"RLM" - Smart electricity meter for large consumers

Discovergy's RLM meter is the basis for smart energy management in companies with a very high power demand.

smart meter legal requirements

Legal requirements

Companies with a consumption of over 100,000 kilowatt hours per year are legally obliged to carry out a so-called recording power measurement (RLM) (in accordance with §12 of the Electricity Grid Access Ordinance).

Extrem genaue Messwerte

Accurate energy monitoring

Our RLM meter records the power values every 60 seconds. These exact consumption values enable you to a detailed monitoring. Thanks to the optical D0 interface, you can also easily integrate the meter into your internal energy monitoring system.

smart meter for large consumers

Smart Meter - 8 - Smart Meter for production

Intelligente Stromzähler (Smart Meter) für Energieerzeuger

Turn your generating plants smart

Whether photovoltaic plant, combined heat and power plant, wind power or biogas plant. Our Smart Meters make your green electricity intelligent. The transmission of exact production and consumption values enables power producers to monitor their systems. You can detect and eliminate faults and technical problems at an early stage, that could otherwise lead to production failures. Energy producers always have an overview of how much electricity they have fed into the domestic grid or the public grid, before billing. With the annual load duration line in mind, battery stores can therefore be correctly dimensioned and the operating mode of the system optimally used.




Discovergy Photovoltaic Smart for the full picture

Get an overview of the yields of your photovoltaic system with the Discovergy Smart Meters. And be part of shaping the energy future.


About Discovergy Photovoltaic-Smart >




CHP-Smart for the full picture

Discovergy Smart Meters give you full control over the operation and yields of your CHP unit - and are therefore perfectly equipped for the future.


About Discovergy CHP-Smart >


Smart Meter - Overview - 10 - Meteroit

Smart Meter Gateway for smart electricity meters

"Meteroit" - our Smart Meter Gateway

We've developed our Smart Meter Gateway especially for the requirements of operating smart electricity meters.

Smart Meter Gateway: Data transmission

Secure data acquisition

The Smart Meter Gateway "Meteroit" is the system solution for the safe and reliable recording of meter readings.

Smart Meter Gateway: Verschlüsselung der Daten

Encrypted data transmission

The transmission of the meter readings from the gateway to the server is carried out exclusively via 256-bit SSL encryption.

Smart Meter Gateway: Interner Datenspeicher

Built-in data storage

The internal memory allows the intermediate storage over several months, If no connection to the Internet is possible.

Smart Meter - Overview - 11 - data interfaces

Flexible data interfaces

The right interface for every structural requirement: Our Smart Meter Gateway has various communication interfaces available for transmitting energy data to our servers.



If your Internet connection is close to the meter, you can establish a direct connection via LAN cable.



Data is exchanged via the power line if the distance between the meter and the Internet connection is too far.



A GSM Internet connection via the mobile network can also be provided (usual for RLM meters).

Modbus / RS-485

Modbus / RS-485

The serial RS-485 interface enables local networking with your building services or local monitoring.

Smart Meter - Overview - 12 - technical specifications


Smart Meter - FAQ

Meter - Links


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