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Frequently asked questions about replacing meters and installing a Smart Meter

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The replacement of metering equipment and the installation of smart meters is daily business at Discovergy. Nevertheless, some questions sometimes remain unanswered for consumers. Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about changing meters.

Can I change the operator of my electricity meter at any time?

Yes, you can replace your electricity meter at any time. Metering for electricity and gas has been liberalised since 2008 in Germany. You can therefore choose the operator of your electricity and gas meter independently from your energy supplier or network operator - even as a tenant. You can thus replace the conventional, often analogue meter that carries out the metering work in your household or company with one of our Smart Meter at any time. The exchange of the meter is handled by Discovergy as your independent metering point operator.

What are the benefits of upgrading to a Smart Meter?

Switching to a Discovergy Smart Meter has many advantages. Once installed, you can track your power consumption on your mobile phone or PC and identify the power consumption of individual devices in real time. Hence, you can switch off power guzzlers and reduce your electricity costs by up to 15 percent per year through slight changes in behaviour. If you wish, you can also receive e-mail notifications for unusual consumption values or energy-saving tips based on your individual consumption profile.

What are the costs for the meter change by Discovergy and how much can I save?

For the installation of your Smart Meter we charge 69€ gross once and 60€ gross annually. However, these costs can be amortized very quickly, because you do not have to pay the fee for your current electricity meter. Depending on the grid area, the charges range from approx. 6€ to 18€ per year. If you change the metering point operator, this fee is usually not charged on your electricity bill anymore.

At the same time, you can permanently reduce your electricity consumption with a Smart Meter. For example, a four-person household consumes approx. 4,000 kWh per year. At an average price of 0.29 € per kWh (as of 2017), a 15 percent reduction in electricity consumption means a saving of 174 € per year.

Your consumption is higher than 3000kWh per year? Do you want to save the one-off set-up cost for your Smart Meter? Take part in our pilot programme for energy-saving meters and benefit from the support of the BMWi.

How does switching to Discovergy work?

As an independent metering point operator, Discovergy takes care of everything and thus guarantees a simple and quick switch to your Smart Meter. In the first step, we arrange an individual installation appointment with you, at which one of our electricians will carry out the meter change on your premises. The installation of your new Smart Meter usually takes about an hour, during which the power supply only needs to be interrupted for about 15 minutes. The electrician will then set up the connection of the meter to your Internet connection and test the data transmission.

As soon as the first data has been transmitted, we will automatically notify you by e-mail. You can track your current power consumption on your mobile phone or PC and use all our features from this point on. We take care of the return or disposal of your old meter and send the last meter reading of the removed meter to your old metering point operator. This way, you don't have to worry about anything else except opening the door to our electrician.

Can Discovergy also replace my gas meter?

Yes, we can also replace your analogue gas meter with a gas smart meter. This allows you to keep track of your gas consumption all year round. Further information can be found under Gas Smart Meter.

How does Discovergy guarantee my trouble-free switch to a Smart Meter?

Discovergy provides a nationwide network of certified installers throughout Germany to ensure a smooth changeover and commissioning of your Smart Meter. All our electricians are certified by a German network operator and have years of experience in replacing measuring equipment. In addition, we have developed our own software for the management of all change processes in metrology, which enables us to communicate with energy suppliers and network operators in line with the market. That way we always have an up-to-date overview of the change process for your electricity meter.

Who is Discovergy?

The Discovergy GmbH was founded in 2009 as the first independent metering point operator in Germany. In these ten years, we have established ourselves as Germany's leading full-service provider of smart metering solutions and successfully completed the installation of more than 20,000 smart gas and electricity meters. Our customers not only include energy consumers (private, commercial, industrial, chain stores) but also network operators, municipal utilities and energy suppliers.

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