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Jobs - 2 - Four Steps


Get to know us

From the very start on, our team chased the goal of finally making electricity costs and consumption transparent. Today, we are proud to have turned Discovergy into Germany's leading full-range supplier of smart metering solutions. And yet, of course, this is far from the end of the road. We have many more ideas for shaping the energy revolution and we know that this can only be achieved with focused effort and creative enthusiasm. That is why we are looking for motivated innovators, for capable specialists, for another indispensable colleague. In short: We are looking for you!


In for easy steps

Discovergy Openings

Who are we looking for?

Whether developer, sales genius or process manager, we are looking for you! Have a look at our job offers ...

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Discovergy Benefits

What do we have to offer?

... or get an overview of what Discovergy can offer you. Work with us on the next chapter of your career ...

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Discovergy Successtories

Who are we?

... and, like others before you, make your story a complete success here with us. We look forward to fresh ideas and new faces. And ...

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Discovergy Bewerbungsprozess

How does the application process work?

... this is how you can get to us. You will find everything you need to know about applications, interviews and documents here. Get in touch with us!

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Jobs - 3 - Our Vacancies

Our Vacancies

Discovergy Developer JobsDEVELOPERS











Sales Jobs DiscovergySALES

Operations Jobs DiscovergyOPERATIONS

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Technik Jobs DiscovergyTECHNICAL

450,- Basis

Aachen, Kornelimünster

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Jobs - 4 - Benefits

Our Benefits

Discovergy Benefits Events

Teamwork and events

Join us in our regular get together, company run or barbecue party. At Discovergy, you don't just know your colleagues from the hallway or the desk across the room.

Discovergy Benefits location

Located in the heart of the city

Thanks to the excellent connection to the public transport system, even commuters have a stress-free journey to work. And during your lunch break, you benefit from the variety of the downtown area.

Discovergy Benefits Jobticket

Job ticket

We will make it easier for you to get to us and offer you the opportunity to benefit from a job ticket. So you don't have to worry about stressful rush hour traffic and the tedious hunt for a parking spot.

Discovergy Benefits education

Bring out the best in you

Whether you want to improve your leadership qualities or improve your communication skills. We will support you with further education tailored to your individual interests.

Discovergy Benefits flexible hours

Flexible hours

Whether you're an early bird or a late riser, we do not monitor your working hours with a timer. We trust you instead and let you freely organize your working hours.

Discovergy Benefits Kultur

Come as you are

We don't want you to twist yourself. We do without dress codes and chat with each other on a first name basis. Thanks to our flat hierarchies, everyone can develop their own strengths and ideas.

Discovergy Benefits Gerätewahl

Free choice of hardware

Whether Apple enthusiast or Linux advocate. We don't tell our developers on which hardware you use your skills and leave the hardware selection up to you.

Jobs - 5 - Carousel

Working at Discovergy

1 / 3
Vitali Lewin
Team Leader Internal Sales

What distinguishes Discovergy in your eyes?

Working here has given me exciting tasks that have allowed me to grow further. I was able to structure projects at my own responsibility and, for example, to set up new procedures in our sales department.

What was the most exciting challenge for you recently?

This is definitely my new role as team leader. I have always been able to achieve my goals at Discovergy, because you are not only challenged but also encouraged. So, it is obvious that I intend to do just as well as a team leader. Currently, landlord-to-tenant power supply projects are particularly exciting, because it is important to mediate between different parties and partners. That is right up my alley.

What aspects do you find especially important for successful team work?

Open and direct communication with colleagues is the most important thing. This is essential. At Discovergy, this is made easier by the short lines of communication. Urgent tasks in particular can be dealt with quickly and easily.

2 / 3
Karen Schmid
Team Leader Task Management

What do you like most about Discovergy?

I like the straightforward way we deal with each other here. Since we all talk to each other on a first name basis, it's no problem, for example, to quickly and easily seek out some ideas with the CEO right away. Suggestions are thus always welcomed and employees who are directly involved in the processes can use this great freedom for own ideas to solve problems. This makes our work a lot easier in the end.

How were you able to improve at Discovergy?

I started as a project manager at Discovergy at the end of 2016, we were a very small team, which of course made the start much easier. It became clear to me that I would like to take on even more responsibilities and that I had a knack for staff management. Due to my good performances the move to a leading role was no problem at all. I' m currently supervising a team of eight employees with whom I can implement our ideas.

How would you summarize Discovergy in a single sentence?

Although we are a colourful bunch with lots of ideas, you can be sure that your colleagues are there when you need them.

3 / 3
Abdallah Galal
Embedded Developer

How did you get to Discovergy?

I graduated in IT at the American University in Cairo. I had the chance to assist with the construction of the first Egyptian nanosatellite, which was an exciting task that also gave rise to my passion for embedded systems. After graduating, I looked around internationally for interesting projects and came across Discovergy. I wanted to be part of such a complete in-house development such as the Smart Meter Gateway.

What do you value most about your daily tasks?

For me, working at Discovergy is especially unique, given the nature of what we are doing. The product is relatively new, interesting and complex. Therefore, it requires more brainstorming rather than actually writing code. I find that frequently discussing our architectural choices and decisions helps widen our horizon as well as sharing our knowledge between team members.

Which task or which project did you like best?

Here in the embedded lab we have the highest aims for automisation. Since the project is quite big, the number of documents required is quite big as well. One of these documents is the Functional Specification for our Smart Meter Gateway. Earlier, I was assigned a task to auto generate the complete document from the Golang code. Although it had nothing to add to the code of the product itself, it was a huge learning experience for me developing this tool which is currently used to produce hundreds of documentation pages at the click of a button. At Discovergy there is always the chance to discover new things for yourself.

Jobs - 6 - Procedure

Our Procedure

Wechsel des Messstellenbetreibers. Schritt 1: Stromzähler bestellen

Send your cover letter and documents

We want to get a quick glimpse of who's eager to join us - so we're looking forward to receiving your complete application! If you are applying as a developer, we would be happy to receive code examples or a link to your GitHub profile.

Tech Test für Entwickler

You're a developer?

And you don't want to explain your strengths via a cumbersome cover letter? Then head straight to our tech test and hit the keyboard. Show us what you are capable of!

Our Tech-Test

Wechsel des Messstellenbetreibers. Schritt 1: Stromzähler bestellen

Reviewing documents

Upon receiving your application, we will hurl ourselves at it immediately, so we can get a first impression as to how well you fit in with Discovergy.

Ergebnis des Messstellenbetreiber Wechsels: Energie entdecken

Phone Interview

Let's have a little chat. In a short telephone call or Skype conversation, we can get a better idea of each other, clarify the necessary basics and, of course, answer any questions you may still have.

Ergebnis des Messstellenbetreiber Wechsels: Energie entdecken

Meeting in person

The big moment, we meet up with you in person! You will get to know the people in charge for your area of expertise. This is how we want to make sure that there are no more questions left.

Ergebnis des Messstellenbetreiber Wechsels: Energie entdecken

Welcome aboard!

We will agree on an individual start date based on your requirements. From your first day on, our energetic HR is your contact in all matters. They will ensure that you have a great start!

Jobs - 7 - Locations

Our Locations

Office Aachen

Discovergy GmbH
Am Berg 12
D-52076 Aachen

Office Heidelberg

Discovergy GmbH
Sofienstraße 7a
D-69115 Heidelberg

Jobs - 8 - HR

Your Contact Person

Career at Discovergy Marie Wünsche

Marie-Theres Wünsche

HR, Recruiting and all minor ailments

Telefon: 06221 7787-431


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