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Discovergy Gas Smart Meter

Intelligent data gathering and monitoring of your gas consumption


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How Discovergy gas smart metering works

Smart metering for gas works with Discovergy in three very easy steps:


Measuring of data

Our gas meters for customers with a standard load profile record the data reliably and in real time.

Gas meter: transmitting data

Transmitting data

Once the data has been recorded, it is forwarded by the communication module, the Smart Meter Gateway Meteroit, to the Discovergy server infrastructure - encrypted and secure.

Gas Meter: Data Analysis

Analysis of the data

The transmitted data is processed by intelligent analysis tools. The real-time energy data is visualized on the web Platform and on the mobile app.

Gas Meter 3 - SLP diaphragm gas meter with absolute Encoder AE3

SLP diaphragm gas meter with Absolute Encoder AE3

Our gas meter is a so-called diaphragm gas meter with the Absolute Encoder AE3. This mechanical gas meter determines the gas volume flow by displacement measurement - according to a proven patent by Emil Haas from 1878.

The AE3 Absolute Encoder combines the positive characteristics of a mechanical and an electronic meter in a meaningful way: In an optoelectronic scanning process, the position of the seven individual number rollers of the mechanical meter movement is basically scanned with five photoelectric sensors - without physical contact.

A controller determines the exact position of each individual number roll and transmits the absolute counter reading to the additional communication module (Plug & Play). Only the eighth, least significant roller is not scanned. Thanks to the plug-in connection, it is easy to attach the communication module - and it ensures immediate function.

The data is continuously transmitted to the connected communication modules via a digital interface. In contrast to the usual pulse transmission, this ensures permanent transmission reliability.

Data communication to the Smart Meter Gateway Meteroit is handled by a wired M-Bus solution using an Ethernet port. The encrypted data is stored and transmitted via the gateway.

The scope of delivery for the Discovergy Gas Smart Meter includes: the mechanical diaphragm gas meter with Absolute Encoder AE3, the necessary fastening material, the meter's communication connection via wired M-Bus and the Meteroit Smart Meter Gateway with Ethernet port.

Gasmeter: Smart Meter

Gas Meter - 4 Call to Action

Do you already have a Discovergy Smart Meter? Get the smart gas meter at a discount thanks to the combined advantage!

Order your Smart Gas Meter


Gas Meter - 5 - Meter change

Replacement of your gas meter in three simple steps

Replacing the old mechanical gas meter with the modern Discovergy Smart Meter is easy.

Gaszähler bestellen

Order your Smart Gas Meter

Simply create an account with Discovergy and order your Smart Meters for electricity or gas. We take care of the formalities and necessary arrangements with your local network operator and install the smart gas meter in your company or household.

Termin für den Einbau Ihres Gaszählers

Schedule date of installation

Together, we agree on an installation date on which your new gas meter will be installed. As a leading full-range supplier of smart metering solutions, Discovergy has a nationwide network of technicians at its service who will carry out the meter change at your premises or at home on the agreed date.

Gaszähler: Gasverbrauch in Echtzeit sehen

Discover transparency

The gas meter transfers the measurement data securely to the Discovergy web portal via the internet connection.

Gas Meter - 6 - service range

Gas Smart Meter & intelligent gas meter - range of services

Range of services Smart Gas Metering

As a leading full-service provider of smart metering solutions, Discovergy has set up a network of technicians to ensure the rapid installation and smooth maintenance of Smart Meters for electricity or gas. Of course, the installation service also includes the setup of a data connection to your network or router. Therefore, you have to worry about (almost) nothing: In addition to the setup, we also take care of all the necessary procedures with the network operator for changing the meter.

While your operation is running, Discovergy handles metering point operation, data transmission to the network operator and billing. Thanks to the modern hardware and intelligent analysis tools, you benefit from the energy consumption display on the Discovergy Platform. We promise that you will no longer want to miss this newly gained energy transparency.

Gas Meter - 6 - Legal requirements

Legal requirements

The installation of smart gas meters by Discovergy is based strictly on all legal requirements. One such requirement states that new gas metering equipment may only be installed if it can be securely connected to a Smart Meter Gateway. According to the Metering Point Operating Act, such gas meters should be able to be integrated into so-called smart metering systems via an interface or an adapter.

For standard load profile customers (SLP customers), this requirement already applies from 01.01.2017. Newly installed gas meters must therefore be smart-meter-capable and be able to be connected to a Smart Meter Gateway.

For registering power measurement customers (RLM end users) this requirement applies from 01.01.2024, till then there exists a transitional period during which current measuring equipment may still be installed. However, it is worthwhile for your company to make the change at an early stage in order to benefit from the advantages - in particular the energy transparency - now.

Gas Smart Meter legal requirements

Gas Meter - 8 - technical data

Discovergy Smart Gas Meters - Technical Data

Model Gas meter with absolute encoder
BK-G 4 A – BK-G 25 A
Measuring chamber capacity 2 dm3
Range of measurement

G4 Qmin: 0,04 m3/h
Qmax: 6 m3/h

G6 Qmin: 0,06 m3/h
Qmax: 10 m3/h

G10 Qmin: 0,10 m3/h
Qmax: 16 m3/h

G16 Qmin: 0,16 m3/h
Qmax: 25 m3/h

G25 Qmin: 0,25 m3/h
Qmax: 40 m3/h

Maximum operating pressure 0,5 bar
Temperature range gas temperature -10ºC bis +40ºC
Pulse magnet Standard, LF pulse generator can be retrofitted at any time
Certifications Directive 2014/32/EU (MID), Directive 2014/30/EU (EMC);
Directive 1999/5/EG (RTTE), compliant with EN1359:1998-A1:2006

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