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Register & Order


1. How do I order the Discovergy Smart Meter?

Simply use the online order form to provide us with your name, address, meter number and bank details.


2. Which requirements do I have to meet?

You purchase your own electricity and have an electricity meter (usually an analogue meter) for billing purposes. In rented flats, this meter is often located in the basement and can be accessed via the facility manager. In addition, it is advantageous if you have an internet connection in order to avoid additional costs for transmitting the meter readings.


3. Can I use the Discovergy meter with any electricity provider?

Yes, Discovergy is completely independent. Our smart electricity meter can therefore be used with any electricity provider.


4. Can I use the Discovergy Meter with any Internet Service Provider?

Yes, the Discovergy Meter can be used with any Internet service provider. However, we strongly recommend that you use an Internet flat rate, as the Discovergy Meter continuously transmits data. This results in a transmission volume of currently approx. 350 MB per SLP meter per month.


5. I am a tenant, can I still use the Discovergy services?

As a tenant, you can also use Discovergy's services without any restrictions: According to the Energy Industry Act, every electricity customer has the right to freely choose his metering point operator and metering service provider. Discovergy is licensed nationwide as a metering point operator and metering service provider and is therefore entitled to install and read meters.






Platform & Device Detection


1. 1. What functions does the Discovergy Platform offer?

On our platform, you can track your consumption to the second in real time or over the course of a day. In addition, you can have your cumulative consumption evaluated on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis.

If you move the mouse cursor on the consumption curve, the performance value at that time is displayed, including the associated costs.

You will find your meter reading as well as your current power consumption displayed above the graph on the top right.

You can also display the consumption and meter reading of any date and download your load profile as a CSV file. This file can be easily processed with common table editing programs.


2. Device Detection? How will this work?

Every system and every device leave a kind of "fingerprint" in the power grid.

Our SLP electricity meters are able to capture these "fingerprints" made of huge amounts of data.

Complex algorithms then identify patterns in these data sets and can assign them to specific devices thanks to machine learning. This provides detailed insights into how high the energy consumption of individual devices is and what costs they cause.

This enables you to identify the energy efficiency of your appliances and take device-specific energy-saving measures - in other words, to implement mindful energy management.

Discovergy can detect between 50 and 70% of the power consumption already. Currently we support the identification of: Base load, oven, water heater, refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher, tumble dryer. As soon as further devices (with the lowest possible error rate) are reliably detected, the Platform is extended by the consumption detection of these devices.


3. 2. I have spotted an error. What can I do?

If you find an error, please send us a detailed description of the error to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The error description should contain the following information, if relevant:

  • User Account
  • Affected Meter
  • Date and Time
  • Browser used incl. version and operating system
  • Is the error reproducible? If yes, how?
  • Screenshot


4. I have a suggestion for improvement or a new idea.

We are pleased about all suggestions and will implement the best ideas as soon as possible. You will help us a lot if you

  • Formulate your idea as precisely as possible,
  • have already thought through the advantages and disadvantages of an implementation,
  • briefly describe how and why the implementation of your idea benefits you (and many others),
  • briefly - especially for complex ideas - whether you can and would like to help us implement your idea.

Suggestions and suggestions for improvement should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


5. Data Export Interface

You can export your meter readings as a CSV file under export on the web platform. In specific cases, e.g. if you want or need to process the data automatically, access to your meter readings via our JSON export interface is preferable.

The documentation of the JSON export interface is available on request.


6. Data Import Interface

You have the option of automatically transmitting almost any data, e.g. measured values and events, to Discovergy. Examples of such data are:

  • Meter readings:
    • Electricity meter
    • Gas meter
    • Water meter
    • Heat Meter
  • Measured values:
    • Temperature
    • Brightness
  • Events:
    • Switch-on and switch-offs
    • Status messages from machines
    • Motion Sensors

This data will in future be stored in the Discovergy database and can be visualised via the Discovergy platform. All other Discovergy functions can then also be applied to the data transferred directly, if this would be useful and technically possible.

The documentation for the JSON Import Interface is available on request.


7. Does Discovergy offer its own API for integrating meter data into its own applications?

Yes, to integrate the meter data into your own applications, Discovergy offers access via an API whose documentation can be found at the following URL: https://api.discovergy.com/docs/

Public questions about the use of Api are answered in our forum.


8. Where can I find the serial meter number for my electricity meter?

Your meter number is displayed on the platform if you hover your mouse cursor over the top right-hand corner of the meter reading display for a second. You will also find the meter number in your invoice description at http://my.discovergy.com/billing

Sample pictures and further information on the serial meter number can also be found here in our Forum






1. How is the security of my data assured??

As independent energy consultants, the security of your data is our top priority. We never pass on your personal data to third parties unless you have expressly instructed us to do so or unless this is absolutely necessary in order to comply with legal regulations. For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.


2. How does Discovergy ensure that meters and meter readings are not compromised?

The meters and the Smart Meter Gateway are sealed during installation by an authorised electrician.

The SLP electricity meter used as the standard meter features a unidirectional D0-MSB interface only, so that remote control of the meter is not possible. Thus, this meter type cannot be manipulated and intentional or unintentional switching while the meter is running, is impossible.


3. 3 How does Discovergy ensure that your data does not end up in unauthorized third-party hands?

Access to your personal data on the Discovergy Platform is encrypted using SSL and is therefore just as secure as online banking for example. All access attempts, including unsuccessful ones, are logged and automatically analyzed. Passwords and other sensitive data are only stored in encrypted form.

Customer consumption data is only transmitted in SSL-encrypted form (256 bit, TCP port 443, TCP transmission) from the Smart Meter to the Discovergy servers. Even if someone succeeds in intercepting the data packets between the meter and the servers, no conclusions about consumption can be drawn from the encryption.

Of course, it is also impossible to manipulate the meter's measured consumption data. If a meter sends an IP packet with measured values which info flags are not marked "Ok" (e.g. due to magnetic manipulation or the drop in phase power), this is logged by our monitoring tool and a warning message is triggered. Even if someone managed to connect to the server and send false measurement data, security checks exist that prevent the manipulated measurement data from being lower than those already stored on the server. As a result, the data relevant to billing could only be increased and not decreased.

The anonymous measurement data and the personal data are stored in separate databases.

The Discovergy servers are located in a secure data center in Germany and are only accessible for authorized personnel.


4. How can you take further security precautions?

Choose a password that is as secure as possible. A secure password should be at least 8 characters long and contain not only letters, but also numbers and special characters. A secure password should not be easy to guess, even for someone who knows you well. You should also not use a password for Discovergy that you already use elsewhere. If you note down your password, make sure you do not store it in places that are easily accessible to others. Never use your Discovergy access data by telephone, e-mail or on any other website than www.discovergy.com.

Regularly install the latest security updates available for your operating system and web browser.

Protect your computer with a virus and spyware protection program and a personal firewall.






Charges & Contract


1. 1 How much does the Discovegy smart electricity meter cost?

For the initial setup of the Discovergy electricity meter we charge 69€ gross. There is also an annual fee of 60€ gross. At the same time, the billing of your electricity provider - depending on the grid area - is reduced by approx. 15€ to 25€, as the charges for metering point operation and metering service are no longer applicable.

Even with an energy consumption of only 2,000 kWh per year and a 10% reduction in energy consumption achieved with the help of Discovergy, the Discovergy meter will ultimately cost you very little to nothing, as the savings are higher than the costs.


2. Is there a minimum subscription period for the Discovergy Smart Meter?

Yes, the minimum contract period for the standard Discovergy meter is 24 months. After this period, the contract is extended by one year. Of course, you can cancel the contract at any time with one month's notice to the end of the contract. In this case, the basic metering point operator assumes the obligations of metering point operation and metering service and will usually replace Discovergy's smart electricity meter with its own conventional electricity meter.


3. Do I have any legal obligations as a connectee when changing the electricity meter?

The legal obligations of the connectee are laid down in § 5 of the Measurement Access Ordinance (Messzugangsverordnung, MessZV):

§ 5 Change of metering point operator and metering service provider

(1) A connection user shall declare to the grid system operator in text form that he intends to commission a third party to operate or measure the metering points in accordance with section 21b of the Energy Industry Act. The declaration pursuant to Clause 1 has to contain information on

1. the identity of the connection user (name, address and, in the case of companies entered in the Commercial Register, the register court and register number),

2. the extraction point (address, meter number) or the point of delivery (address, number),

3. the third party who is to carry out the metering point operation or the measurement on the basis of the order of the connection user (name, address and, in the case of companies entered in the commercial register, register court and register number), and

4. the time from which the metering point operation or the metering service is to be carried out. The declaration may also be made to the third party. In this case it is sufficient to send a copy as an electronic document to the network operator.

(2) As soon as the required declaration of the connection user and the required information of the third party are available, the network operator shall provide the third party with the following information

1. in the cases referred to in § 3 paras. 1 or 2, to state within one month whether it accepts its offer to conclude a contract,

2. in the case of a framework agreement pursuant to section 3 subsection (3), to state within two weeks of the application pursuant to section 4 subsection (1) No. 7 whether it rejects the designation of an additional measurement site.

(3) No separate charge may be levied for the change of metering point operator or metering service provider.

(4) The provisions in paragraphs 1 to 3 shall apply mutatis mutandis to the relationships between metering point operators and metering service providers if the task of the metering point operator or the measurement does not revert to the network operator.

In ordering the Discovergy meter, you provide all the information required to change the meter. Discovergy takes care of everything else, in particular sending a copy as an electronic document to the network operator.


4. By deciding to change the electricity meter, does my electricity provider or electricity tariff change automatically?

No, the choice of metering point operator and metering service provider has no influence on the selection of your electricity provider or tariff.


5. Will the replacement of the meter affect my electricity bill?

The meter change has no direct effect on your electricity bill, because you receive the electricity bill unchanged from your electricity provider.
When you use the Discovergy electricity meter, however, the two billing items metering point operation and metering no longer appear on your electricity provider's bill.


6. My electricity provider is charging me meters and/or measurements even though I am a Discovergy customer. What should I do?

Unfortunately, some electricity providers still find it difficult to charge the correct costs for metering point operation and metering services (MSB/MDL). These are 0.00€ when using the Discovergy meter, as Discovergy bills the costs directly to its customers.

If your electricity provider's billing is incorrect, you can submit an objection against it. We will be happy to help you by providing you with a pre-formulated letter of objection. For this purpose, please contact our customer service by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Of course, our customer service can also provide you with the names of electricity providers who correctly bill the MSB/MDL without any problems.

Note: First of all, please make sure that the billing is indeed incorrect and that your electricity provider has not only billed the "proportionate" costs for your old meter.


7. What will happen if I move/strong>?

Of course you can continue to use a Discovergy smart meter even after you have moved (within Germany). Simply order a meter for your new home via your existing user account. Please do not forget to cancel the old meter, which you no longer need, so that we will not charge you any further costs after the remaining term has expired. Of course, you still have access to your historical consumption data up to the time you move out.

Note: If the new tenant following you becomes a Discovergy customer, the installation fee is waived and we will credit the remaining time of the old meter to your new meter.






Meter & Setup


1. What does the meter do?

The meter records and transmits your current electricity consumption in real time.

In connection with photovoltaic systems, bidirectional meters are used. Both the consumption and the feed-in are recorded and transmitted.

Discovergy uses the Q3M meter manufactured by EasyMeter for household customers.


2. What is the Meteroit™?

Meteroit™ is the communication module developed by Discovergy in-house. It enables the meter to "communicate". The Meteroit™ uses a LAN interface to connect to the Internet. For this purpose, your Internet connection (router) should be located near the meter and have a free port. Larger distances between the meter and the Internet connection can be bridged with an optional PowerLine module (extra charge).

To ensure that no data is lost even if the Internet connection is interrupted, the Meteroit™ has sufficient memory capacity to store meter readings locally for up to 3 months.


3. 2 How does the legislator define a smart electricity meter?

The legislator defines a measuring system in § 21d Energy Industry Act (EnWG) as follows:

§ 21d Measuring systems

(1) A measuring system within the meaning of this Act is a measuring device for recording electrical energy which is integrated into a communication network and which reflects the actual energy consumption and the actual time of use.

(2) More detailed requirements for the functionality and equipment of measurement systems shall be laid down in an ordinance pursuant to Section 21i Paragraph 1 No. 3.

The complete legal text can be found on the website of juris GmbH.

In the summer of 2016, the Metering Point Operation Act (Messstellenbetriebsgesetz, MsbG) was passed as the central law for metering. According to this law, the smart electricity meter is defined as an intelligent measuring system.


4. How is the meter exchanged?

Discovergy takes care of everything. This makes replacing your electricity meter very easy:

First, we arrange an installation date that is as convenient as possible for you, during which an electrician commissioned by us will carry out the meter change on your premises.

Replacing your old meter with the Discovergy meter usually takes about an hour, and the power supply is usually not interrupted for longer than 15 minutes. The electrician then connects the meter to your Internet connection and checks the data transmission. That's it.

As soon as the meter has transmitted the first meter reading to us, we will automatically notify you by e-mail. From this point on, you can track your current electricity consumption in the Discovergy Portal at any time and use a variety of other functions.

Our electrician will store your old meter, transmit the last meter reading to your energy supplier and of course take care of the return or disposal of the old meter.

So all you have to do is to open the door for our electrician.


5. Who is in charge of the meter replacement?

As a nationwide, independent metering point operator, Discovergy has a broad network of local, experienced installers at its disposal. This team ensures the smooth installation of our smart meters. The electrician will arrive at your home on time for the agreed installation date. Of course, he will have the new meter and all the necessary tools with him so that the meter can be changed quickly and smoothly.


6. What happens to my old meter?

Discovergy will ensure that the old meter is sent to your old metering point operator - usually the local energy supplier - unless the latter wishes Discovergy to dispose of the meter.

In any case, the meter reading will be documented before dismantling and transmitted by Discovergy to your grid network operator.








1. Who is Discovergy?

Discovergy is the first independent energy consultant on the German market to give household customers and small businesses full control over their electricity consumption. Discovergy provides its customers with complete transparency about their electricity costs and helps them identify expensive energy guzzlers by providing consumption values that are accurate to the second. With an individual energy consultation, Discovergy helps its customers to effortlessly optimise their consumption and costs. This way the customer saves money and also helps preserve the environment.


2. How does Discovergy operate?

Discovergy uses the latest technology for your benefit: a smart electricity meter (Smart Meter) tracks your consumption to the second. Using this information, we determine the hidden power guzzlers in your household and point out possible savings. As a result, you can easily save electricity without having to sacrifice convenience. Your data is available to you at all times via our secure and easy-to-use Internet platform. This will make saving electricity and money child's play!


3. I would like to collaborate with Discovergy, what do I have to do?

We are happy if you want to help us save electricity and money for our customers. Please visit our websites for partnerships.


4. I would like to report about Discovergy, what do I have to do?

We are pleased that you would like to report about us. If you have any questions, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Or take a look at our press area, where you will find a selection of press images and the latest news.


5. I want to work for Discovergy, what do I have to do?

If you are interested in working for us, please check out our Jobs section. We are sure you will be able to find a vacancy that meets your expectations.
Otherwise, we would be happy to receive your unsolicited application. Tell us about your strengths and talents and send us your CV with samples of your work. We will examine whether we can imagine you joining the team!