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Smart Metering Solutions for
Energy Suppliers and Grid Operators

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Energy Supplier - 2 - advance metering

We advance smart metering technology

Discovergy gives you full transparency over all processes and you benefit from the nondiscriminatory design and handling of metering point operations - nationwide. Regardless of whether you want to strictly separate this area of activity from your regular network operation - as the basic metering point operator (gMSB) - or whether you want to build up your role as an independent metering point operator (wMSB) in addition to your existing market role as an energy supplier: At Discovergy, these market roles are in the hands of seasoned professionals with many years of experience.

legal requirements

Legal requirements

The energy transition in Germany as well as the modern measurement technologies are bringing about enormous changes and place enormous demands on metering systems. These are defined among other things by the Metering Point Operating Act (MsbG) and by the Technical Guideline (TR-03109) of the Federal Office for Information Security.


Trouble-free change process

The exchange of standardized messages in the edifact format with fixed deadlines and process steps for the current interim process is automated with Discovergy. This task is performed by the "WiM-Manager" IT system, which is fully integrated into order processing and communication with partners and end customers.

basic supplier

BSI compliant hardware

For more than nine years Discovergy has had extensive experience with Smart Meter Gateways. We are currently in the certification phase for the BSI-compliant Smart Meter Gateway and are striving for the successful certification.

Energy Supplier - 3 - part of innovtive community

Become part of an innovative community

With more than 100 billion processed measured values, over 10,000 switching processes in metrology and 4,500 daily views of our visualization solutions and tools, we are ready for the smart energy world of tomorrow - today. With Discovergy, you meet the requirements of the German Metering Point Operating Act (MsbG) and benefit from our know-how, tried and tested technology as well as our comprehensive practical experience in thousands of use cases.

Messstellenbetreiber (MSB)

Metering point operator (MSB)

We will install, operate and maintain measuring equipment and measuring systems such as meters, gateways, communication and control systems and ensure that the energy extracted, consumed and fed into the grid is measured in accordance with the relevant measuring and calibration laws - covering all sectors, including electricity and gas. We also take care of the formal and timely data transfer, using the currently valid EDIFACT message version, to all participating market partners.

Smart-Meter-Gateway Administration

Smart Meter Gateway Administration (SMGWA or GWA)

The "IT-Grundschutz (ISO 27001)" certification is one of the basic requirements for us to implement BSI-compliant administration and management of smart meter gateways according to the technical guideline (TR-03109-6). In addition, there is the extended certification as a SMGWA (§ 25 MsbG) in order to guarantee all external market participants involved a legally compliant communication with all smart meter gateways to come.

Intelligent measuring system

Intelligent measuring system (iMSys or iMS)

As a full-service supplier for smart metering Discovergy offers a wide range of services and hardware around intelligent measuring systems. The backbone is not only our self-developed Smart Meter Gateway, which can be coupled with a modern measuring system to form an intelligent measuring system, but in particular the value-added functions for the end customer, which are made possible by this hardware.



As a nationwide active metering point operator, Discovergy has a broad network of experienced installers at its disposal. This ensures the installation and commissioning of our smart meter and, in the future, our smart metering systems. We have vast experiences in installing smart meters, including bundled buyers groups, for example, that are spread across many locations all over Germany.

Meter Data Management System

Meter Data Management System (MDM-S)

With more than 100 billion processed readings transferred to the Meter Data Management System every two seconds, our MDM-System is fully prepared for the smart meter rollout. It is multi-client capable and stores not only the measurement data but also the necessary master data of the end customer. All data can be easily exported via EDIFACT, CSV or web service.

Customer communication

Customer communication

Discovergy focuses on transparent processes and information, including communication with the end customer. From the moment of ordering, the end customer receives information on how to proceed via e-mail. This information covers the change process, the appointment for the meter replacement, the actual start-up and a how-to for the Discovergy web platform.

Web Platform and mobile app for suppliers

Web Platform and mobile app

With the My-Discovergy energy intelligence platform, Discovergy offers a tool that covers almost all requirements and needs in the B2B and B2C customer segment. With our solutions, we are in a position to always offer highly specific products that not only meet all security standards, but also stand out for their user-friendliness and offer you the opportunity for real customer benefits.


Billing for metering point operation

The Discovergy billing solution is highly automated and has been generating bills to the connection user/connector (as a PDF document) or to a market partner (as EDIFACT INVOIC) for more than four years. We offer this billing service not only for metering point operation, but also for invoicing energy costs and services, as it is essential for landlord-to-tenant power supply projects for example.

Energy Supplier - 4 - CTA

Learn more about our all-in-one solutions for intelligent measurement systems


Energy Supplier - 5 - true benefit

True customer benefits can only be achieved with Discovergy

The Discovergy web Platform is the premier solution in the energy market for real-time visualization and optimization of your own energy consumption. We are the only service provider to combine the demands of the metering point operating law with an actual benefit for the end customer. Benefit from new products, unique features and excellent services - turn your customers' energy usage smart and create real added value. Also available in the form of our white label solution.


suitable for mobile


See your energy consumption in real time with just one click or receive active information and energy-saving tips via mobile app. Let your end customers benefit from further added value, such as the monthly energy report, device detection, cost transparency and much more. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and our extensive development work, these functions are now part of our white label solution and can therefore be represented in your corporate design.

Innovative products

Generate added value through the range of our innovative products - give your customers the opportunity to benefit from time-based tariffs. Or let customer groups compete against each other in an energy saving competition and distribute saved kWh as profit, which will be credited to their next monthly energy bill.

Consumption information

Of course, your customers will continue to receive the legally

required monthly consumption information with actual measurement data (meter reading) and costs. In addition, however, we provide a disaggregation of total energy consumption including a benchmark of energy consumption even today.

Device Detection

The visualization of the total energy consumption and the disaggregation of appliances is true research work, but it is already implemented and advanced by us today. At this date our algorithm can recognize large household appliances such as the refrigerator, the washing machine, the tumble dryer, the oven or stove, the dishwasher and also water heaters. We are particularly proud that we do not need any additional sensors or adapters for our device detection!

Receive notifications straight to your smartphone

The Discovergy Platform informs our customers about unusual events by sending notifications directly to their mobile phones, for example when power consumption is unusually high or when the Smart Meter is not sending any data.

Energy Supplier - 6 - in-house workflow

Use your in-house workflow

Profit from the granularity of the measurement data and its availability in real time for household, heating and small commercial customers (SLP/UVE - measurement interval 2 seconds) but also for special contract customers (RLM - measurement interval 1 minute) and streamline your internal processes.



Increase efficiency in procurement processes for iSLP customers (intelligent SLP customers) with accurate consumption data. Create individual energy offers for electricity and gas automatically.



Take advantage of the opportunity to buy and sell energy within one trading day (intraday trading). Thanks to the real-time data of our smart meters and intelligent measuring systems, you can quickly and easily optimize your portfolio.



Monthly billing for energy procurement and generation for your household, heating and commercial customers. These and other functions are made possible by our services, thanks to fully automated and transparent processes.

Energy Supplier

Solutions - Energy Supplier - 8 - use our solutions

Take advantage of our solutions

Discovergy is synonymous with the energy transition, simple but always innovative solutions and customer-oriented products. We have already put more than 25,000 smart meters into operation and we put our own standards to the test every day. With Discovergy, you have a partner and service provider for the following areas as well.

landlord-to-tenant power supply

Landlord-to-tenant power supply

Discovergy makes it possible to sell electricity from photovoltaic systems and combined heat and power plants directly to end consumers in apartment buildings. Our landlord-to-tenant principle: tenants save costs and owners earn money - we ensure the smooth processing.

Branch companies and chain customers

Branch companies and chain customers

Monitoring across all locations - with Discovergy you will always have the best overview of the energy of all outlets. You can also compare them or set up any relevant notification functions for status updates.


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