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Discovergy Energy Savings Meter

Would you like to save energy? Lower your electricity costs with a Smart Meter

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Energy Saving Meter - 2 - Benefits

Get your Smart Meter for 5 Euro per month, without any additional fees or installation costs.

Did you know that you can replace your electricity meter with a Smart Meter at any time? And you have the freedom to select your metering point operator independently of your electricity supplier? Are you aware that you can save electricity costs in the long term through greater transparency? Find out more.


Easy to start

Simply place an order, schedule an installation date and get started. With Discovergy you become an energy manager and you save money.


Transparent energy consumption

Keep an overview of your consumption: You will always know what costs to expect and have the flexibility to react immediately.


Reduce electricity consumption

Based on your individual consumption profile, you will receive tips and advice on how to save electricity and money with little effort.


Put an end to back payments

With a Discovergy Smart Meter you will always have an eye on your electricity costs. High back payments are a thing of the past.

Energy Saving Meter - 3 - Functions

In a nutshell

Saving electricity is that easy: Discovergy replaces your old electricity meter with an intelligent energy-saving meter (smart meter) - In this way you can reduce your electricity consumption by up to 20 percent and lower your energy costs sustainably.


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Explore your energy in real time.

With the energy saving meter you will get the full picture: Whether you are using the Discovergy App or our web platform, you can see your current consumption and the associated costs at any time.

See in real time how turning lights, televisions or washing machines on and off affects your power consumption. Understand how your energy consumption and electricity costs change over time. As a result, you can react directly to power guzzlers in your household, identify potential for energy savings and reduce electricity consumption.

Do you want to save energy?

Analyse your electricity consumption of the past days, weeks or months and reduce your electricity costs. Start by optimizing the energy supply of your home and save energy consistently. Discover long-term consumption patterns and trends. Get a 360-degree view of your current electricity consumption as well as past days, weeks, months and years.

Everything in one place with the monthly energy report.

Receive frequent information about your energy consumption. Our detailed energy report shows changes in your electricity consumption over the last weeks and months.

Detect and shut down phantom power usage.

Find electrical appliances that are switched off but still consume electricity. This way you avoid unnecessary electricity costs due to stand-by and you can save even more energy.

Know the energy consumption of individual appliances.

The energy savings meter gives an exact breakdown of the consumption and costs of electricity for various household appliances (e.g. refrigerators). Use our intelligent control tools to reduce electricity consumption and costs.

Calculate electricity costs in advance.

Current consumption too high! No more nasty surprises at the end of the year: Thanks to your Discovergy energy-savings meter, you know exactly how much electricity you have used and how high your electricity bill will be. More and more energy providers are offering monthly billing based precisely on electricity consumption and costs. This makes saving much easier.

Specific tips for saving energy.

Receive energy saving tipps and tailor-made energy advice based on your individual power consumption profile. This way you consume less electricity, save energy and reduce your electricity costs. The advice provided by your energy savings meter is always relevant and easy to implement.

Energy Saving Meter - save money with a smart meter

Save money with a Smart Meter

Can I replace my electricity meter?

Since 2008, metrology has been completely liberalised by law. In other words, you are free to choose the operator of your electricity meter, similar to your energy supplier - even as a tenant. You can therefore replace your old analogue electricity meter with an intelligent energy-savings meter (Smart Meter) at any time in your home, in your company and also as a tenant.

The meter will be replaced by an independent metering point operator such as Discovergy. You order your energy savings meter, choose the date for installation and we take care of all the formalities. Installation and start-up of your meter are handled quickly and expertly by one of our accredited installers - anywhere in Germany!

How much money do I save?

The annual subscription fee of 60€ can be quickly amortized. To begin with, there will be no further charge for your current electricity meter. Depending upon net area this amount averages 14-25€ annually. These fees are often hidden as inconspicuous items on your electricity bill. By changing the metering point operator, you no longer have to pay this fee on your electricity bill. This reduces the annual Discovergy fee considerably.

At the same time, the energy saving meter enables you to reduce your electricity costs sustainably. You can track your energy consumption in real time, eliminate power guzzlers and achieve a 15% reduction in electricity consumption. A four-person household uses approx. 4,000 kWh per year. At an average price of 0.29 € per kWh (as of 2017), a 15% reduction in electricity consumption translates into a saving of 174 € per year.

Energy Saving Meter - Landing Page 9 - Contact

You have further questions?
Please contact us at 06221 7787 450
or at

Energy Saving Meter - Landing Page 4 - Meter Exchange

Replacing your meter in three simple steps

Switching to a Discovergy energy savings meter is child's play. We will take care of the coordination with your network operator and the setup of your new Smart Meter.

Step 1: Order Smart Meter

Order your smart electricity meter

Create an account and order a Smart Meter. Discovergy takes care of coordinating the meter exchange with your network operator.

Step 2: Select date for installation

Select date for installation

One of our certified electricians will install your new smart meter on the scheduled date. The installation takes about an hour.

Step 3: Discover your energy

Discover your energy

The meter automatically connects to the Internet and securely transmits the measured values to the platform for monitoring.

Energy Saving Meter - 6 - CTA

You can get your energy savings meter at a fixed price of only 5 Euro per month, without any additional fees or installation costs. The monthly service fee is calculated in advance for 12 months.


Energy Savings Meter - Landing Page - Prerequisites


real-time analysis

You have an electricity consumption between 1,500 and 100,000 kWh?

Data Analysis

You don't own a Discovergy Smart Meter yet?

Data Autonomy

You have the electricity bill for the last year at your disposal?

You do not meet the above requirements?

No problem at all, just order your individual Smart Metering solution from Discovergy here.

Energy Saving Meter - 8 - fine print

Fine print

All households and companies that do not yet have a Discovergy smart electricity meter and whose electricity consumption is between 1,500 and 100,000 kWh per year can participate in this pilot program. In addition, you should not have a power generation system (photovoltaic / CHP). You can participate in the energy saving meter program with an installed power generation system, but in this case it is currently not possible to use the device detection.

Participants are required to provide the following information to ensure the quality of the programme:

  1. Electricity consumption of the previous year by submitting the latest energy cost invoice
  2. Number of occupants/employees in the building
  3. Number of rooms and total living space
  4. Type of central heating and hot water system

In order to measure both the energy savings meter and the electricity consumption, an Internet connection (DSL or similar) must be provided by the customer. If there is no wired network connection in the immediate vicinity of the meter cabinet (2m), an optional powerline connection can be established between the meter and the router using 2 adapters. The costs for assembly and provision of the Powerline adapters amount to a one-time fee of 39.00 Euro. The contract period is at least 24 months (48 months for commercial customers). All prices include VAT.

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