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Submetering - 1 - Messtechnik

Discovergy submetering and measurement services

The Discovergy solution for the unified metering point operation of electricity, gas, water and heat

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Submetering - 3 - Messtechnik

Not only as an official measuring point operator we use our outstanding measurement technology. In the field of submetering, our metering services for electricity, gas, water and heat provide the basis for secure, automated remote meter reading and consumption-based billing of heating and operating costs.

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Submetering for electricity and gas

For electricity and gas we offer the installation and operation of our smart meters as sub-meters.

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Submetering for water and heat

For water and heat, the measured values are transmitted via M-Bus (OMS) to the Smart Meter Gateway. Our gateway in turn is responsible for the encrypted transmission of the measured data to our servers.


Visualization in the Discovergy Portal

For visualization purposes, the measured values are provided in intervals of seconds, minutes or days.

Mobile Geräte

Data export

Our system enables the connection to your billing systems thanks to the JSON API interface and data export in both tabular and EDIFACT/MSCONS format.

Submetering - 4 - Messtechnik

Jump successfully into the submetering business with Discovergy as your partner

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Submetering - 2 - Messtechnik

Bundled metering point operation and submetering


From 2021, the german law provides that the tenant's right to choose the operator of the metering point is to be limited by a priority right of choice of the owner. For owners and property managers, this means that they will be able to select a single metering point operator for the entire property.

A prerequisite for the selection of the metering point operator by the owner is that intelligent metering systems are installed not only for electricity,

but also at least for one other sector (gas, district heating or heating) . In addition, the central selection of the metering point operator must not be associated with additional costs.

If you choose our Meteroit 3.5 gateway, you are opting for a future-oriented solution that will provide you with uniform metering point operation with visualisation solutions, remote meter reading transmission and attractive conditions from 2021.

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