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Smart metering for the electricity sector

Intelligent electricity meters including visualization for all customer segments

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Full-service metering point operation ...

Whether you are an energy supplier, network operator or direct reseller for Discovergy: As a partner of Discovergy you benefit in the electricity sector from proven technology, proven systems and visualization solutions as well as the practical experience of thousands of electricity meter installations.

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Installation and operation

As a leading provider of smart metering solutions, Discovergy has a broad network of experienced, regional installers who ensure the smooth installation and commissioning of our smart metering technology.

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Acquisition & Transmission

Discovergy guarantees the metering of purchased and generated energy in conformity with calibration law. We also take care of the punctual data transmission to all market partners, always taking into account the current EDIFACT requirements.

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Billing solution

Introduce new billing models, such as monthly energy cost billing without additional payments, or give your customers the opportunity to benefit from time-based tariffs. Our solution is highly automated and in line with market requirements.

Technische Betriebsführung

Ready for the rollout

With Discovergy, the smart meter rollout can be carried out competently and cost-efficiently: For the mandatory rollout of intelligent metering systems, we supply our smart meters with a BSI-certified smart meter gateway.

...incl. an energy portal as a white label solution

The Discovergy Portal can be individually adapted to the specifics of your brand. You are free to choose your logo, URL and color scheme. In addition, both our app and the EDIFACT communication between market participants can be tailored to specific company requirements.

Zu unserer White-Label-Lösung

Lösung zur Stromvisualisierung des wettbewerblichen Messstellenbetreibers Discovergy

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We would be pleased to inform you in person about our intelligent measuring systems and white label solutions

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Smart Meter Gateway für intelligenter Stromzähler (Smart Meter)

Gateway "Meteroit" - the heart of our services

The Discovergy Meteroit 3.5 has been specially developed for the requirements of the operation of intelligent electricity meters, offers a maximum of security and allows the bundling of metering point operation for electricity, water, heat and gas already today!

Smart Meter Gateway: Verschlüsselung der Daten

Selectable measuring interval

Whether for wired (serial interface) or wireless transmission: You decide, depending on the meter type, on the measuring interval, from one second to 24 hours or on defined cut-off dates.

Smart Meter Gateway: Interner Datenspeicher

Smart Meter Gateway Administration

As a certified Smart Meter Gateway Administrator, we take over the operation, configuration and correct implementation of updates for the gateways used.

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SLP metering - our all-time classic

The Discovergy Standard Load Profile Meter (SLP) is the classic electricity meter model and replaces the old black analog meter. We supply it both as an intelligent metering system for the Smart Meter Rollout and as a modern metering system for visualizing electricity consumption.

Smart Meter: Bewährte Technik

Proven technology

Over 50,000 Discovergy SLP electricity meters are now in operation. We have been continuously developing our technology for many years and can therefore offer our customers a highly reliable smart meter.

Smart Meter: Hohe Messfrequenz

High measuring rate

In combination with our Gateway-Meteroit 3.5, our SLP electricity meter is able to transmit measured values even at one-second intervals. This high temporal resolution is reflected on our portal in profitable functions such as device identification.

Smart Meters für verschiedene Anwendungen

Intelligent electricity meter for every application

We supply our SLP intelligent meters as reference meters, bidirectional meters and delivery meters. And that for 60 amperes as well as 100 amperes.


Smart Metering Strom

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Messstellenbetrieb Strom

RLM metering for large consumers

The Discovergy RLM meter is the basis for intelligent energy management in companies with very high power consumption.

Smart Meter Gateway: Datenuebermittlung

Legal requirements

Companies with a consumption of more than 100,000 kilowatt hours per year are legally required to carry out a so-called recording power measurement (RLM) (according to §12 of the Electricity Network Access Ordinance).

Smart Meter Gateway: Verschlüsselung der Daten

Precise energy monitoring

Our RLM meter records the power values every 60 seconds. These precise consumption values enable you to monitor your consumption in detail. Thanks to the optical D0 interface, you can also easily integrate the meter into your internal energy monitoring system.

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Smart meters for power producers

With the smart meters from Discovergy and our energy portal, your customers can keep track of production, feed-in, procurement and in-house consumption at all times.

Smart Meter: Bewährte Technik

Optimize own consumption

Your customers can increase their own consumption by tracking at any time whether or not energy is being fed into the grid.

Smart Meter: Hohe Messfrequenz

Commercial management

Energy producers keep track of all relevant electricity quantities for billing purposes. You always know how much electricity you have fed into the grid.

Smart Meters für verschiedene Anwendungen

Technical management

Technical faults and anomalies can be detected early on using the high-resolution measured values of the production output.


Smart Metering Strom

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