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Discovergy metering point operation for the gas segment

Create transparency for the gas consumption of your customers with Discovergy

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How Gas Smart Metering works with Discovergy

In order to make the energy demand of households and businesses transparent, it is also essential to shed light on the daily gas consumption. As an ideal supplement to our services in the electricity division, Discovergy takes over the metering point operation of intelligent gas meters for its partner, including billing, market-compliant transmission of the measured values and gateway administration.


Trouble-free installation

We take care of all administrative formalities and necessary arrangements with the network operator on site. In addition, Discovergy has a team of specially trained technicians for the installation of our intelligent gas meters.

Gaszähler: Erfassung der Messdaten

Recording and formatting

Our gateway Meteroit 3.5 is used for the encrypted transmission of the measured values to our servers. Here the measured values are processed and visualised on our energy portal.

Gaszähler: Auswertung des Gasverbrauchs

Finally gaining an understanding of gas consumption

The Discovergy Portal finally lets end users understand the composition of their gas demand, identify long-term consumption patterns and react to rising costs at an early stage.

Intelligenter Gaszähler - 3 - Geschäftspartner engl.

Our intelligent gas meter for commercial and household use

Our gas meter, a bellows gas meter with the AE5 absolute encoder, combines the best features of a mechanical meter with the innovations made possible by digital measurements.

Transparenter Gasverbrauch: intelligenter Gaszähler

Full scope delivery incl. gateway

Of course, the scope of delivery of the Discovergy Gas Smart Meter also includes the necessary mounting material as well as the communication connection of the meter via a wireless M-Bus to our Smart Meter Gateway Meteroit.

Datenübertragung von Gaszählern

Recording and transmission security

A digital interface guarantees the continuous transmission of the measured values via wireless M-Bus to our installed Smart Meter Gateway. Compared to the usual pulse transmission, this guarantees permanent transmission security.

Visualisierung des Gasverbrauchs: Messstellenbetrieb

Data connection to the client router

The installation service of our intelligent gas meters includes of course also the setting up of a data connection to the customer network or router. So the end user does not have to worry about anything when changing the meter

Gaszähler: Smart Meter

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We would be pleased to inform you in detail about our smart metering solutions for the gas sector

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Intelligenter Gaszähler - 5 - Energieportal für Gaszähler engl.

The Discovergy portal for the gas segment

Anyone who heats or cooks with gas, for example, often finds it difficult to estimate how high the consumption actually is and what effects this has on their own energy costs. The Discovergy Portal, on the other hand, finally lets end users understand the composition of their gas consumption.

Smart Meter Gateway: Datenuebermittlung

Detect consumption patterns

By visualising gas consumption over months or years and providing seasonal load profiles, end users can identify long-term consumption patterns, develop a real sense of their actual consumption and respond to rising costs early.

Messstellenbetreiber für Gaszähler

Consumption in m3 and kWh

Our portal visualizes the gas consumption in both m3 and kWh. At a quick glance, end consumers can compare the actual consumption with their gas bill at any time.

Smart Metering Gassparte: Gaszähler

Responsible use of energy

How much does a hot shower really cost? What is the effect of heating over the winter, not taking into account the costs? Just as in the electricity sector, our intelligent gas meters ensure a more conscious, environmentally friendly use of gas as an energy source.

Messstellenbetrieb Gas

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