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Energy visualization for all energy types

Smart metering solutions with added value for electricity, gas, water and heat

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More than just electricity, gas or heat - the energy market of tomorrow will be smart. The focus here is on conscious, attentive consumers who want to keep regular control of their consumption, tariffs and production. They will be supplied with energy through a highly complex, communicating power grid (smart grid) and feed in the surplus electricity they generate. We at Discovergy - as independent metering point operators - are convinced of this future vision. This is why we work daily on the further development of our smart metering systems, which we are already installing and operating today - for the energy market of the future.

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Smart meters for all customer segments

In the electricity division, we not only take over the installation and operation of smart meters. The real-time visualization of consumption and generation via web and mobile app including all additional functions such as notifications, energy saving tips and device recognition (disaggregation) are also part of our services. This is the only way to generate added value for the end customer.

Discovergy-Portal Photovoltaic 3D-Anzeige
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SLP meter

Households and small commercial customers can see in real time how high their base load is and when consumption peaks occur.

Erneuerbare Energien

Photovoltaic operators

Every second in the Discovergy Portal, photovoltaic operators can see how much energy is currently being generated, consumed and fed into the grid.



For maximum transparency, our load profile meters record consumption at 60-second intervals and visualize the measured values in the Discovergy Portal.

Mobile Geräte

CHP and other types of production

Thanks to the precise measurement data in real time, the systems and the internal consumption rate of other energy producers can be optimized and the energy budget can be managed very easily.

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We would be pleased to advise you personally about our smart metering systems and white label solutions for energy suppliers and grid operators

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The Discovergy portal for the gas division

Of course, gas smart metering is also possible without any problems. The measured values are transmitted to the gateway via an M-Bus interface, from there they are transferred to our portal and visualised here.

Smart Meter Gateway: Datenuebermittlung

Smart gas consumption for commercial and household use

Our gas meter, a bellows gas meter with the AE5 absolute encoder, combines the best features of a mechanical meter with the innovations made possible by digital measurements.

Messstellenbetreiber für Gaszähler

Understanding gas consumption at last

The Discovergy Portal finally allows end users to understand the details of their gas demand, identify long-term consumption patterns and react to rising costs at an early stage.

Smart Metering Gassparte: Gaszähler

Identify consumption patterns

By visualising gas consumption over months or years and providing seasonal load profiles, end users can identify long-term consumption patterns, develop a real sense of their actual consumption and respond to rising costs early.

Messstellenbetrieb Gas

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Submetering and metering services

Discovergy does not only use its outstanding measurement technology as an official metering point operator. In the field of submetering, our metering services for electricity, gas, water and heat also create the conditions for secure, automated remote meter reading and consumption-based billing of heating and operating costs

Submetering Strom

Submetering for electricity and gas

In the electricity and gas divisions, we install and operate our smart meters as sub-meters as required.

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Submetering for water and heat

The measured values for water and heat are transmitted to the smart meter gateway via wireless M-Bus (OMS 3.0 and OMS 3.4 standards*). Our gateway in turn is responsible for the secure, encrypted transmission of the measured data to our servers.

Submetering: Messdienstleistungen

Visualization in the Discovergy Portal

To visualize the measured values, the consumption load profiles are provided in the Discovergy Portal individually in minute or daily intervals.

Submetering: intelligente Stromzähler für die Wohnungswirtschaft

Data export for the preparation of the operating cost account

Our system enables connection to your energy management systems thanks to the JSON API interface and data export in table form and in EDIFACT/MSCONS format. So you can continue to use your own analysis tools.

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