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Discover Your Energy

Full transparency and control over energy consumption and generation

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Full energy transparency

Real-time monitoring - Energy management - Solutions for smart power generation.
Get a firm grip on your Energy with Discovergy.


Our features >

Platform with real-time display
save costs

Reduce your energy costs

Based on your individual consumption profile, you will receive tips and advices on how to save electricity and money with little effort.

renewable energies

A perfect fit for photovoltaic and CHP systems

Use or sell generated energy efficiently yourself. If you really understand your installations, you can save or generate a lot of money.

secure at all times

Be reassured at all times

Are any appliances switched on? Is your fridge defective? – With
the help of our energy monitoring, you always know what's going on back at home.

Control of Costs

No more back payments

With Discovergy Smart Meters you can keep an eye on your electricity costs at all times. High back payments are a thing of the past.

Mobile Devices

On mobile devices

With our app, you always have your personal energy assistant at hand. You can check everything, anywhere. Even while you are on the go.

easy and uncomplicated

It's easy to get started

Just order, schedule an installation date and get started. Become an expert on your energy with Discovergy and save money in the process.

Landingpage - 3 - Discovergy Features

Discovergy Smart Meter

Get an overview of our features

No matter how complex your energy management may be – our Smart Meters
provide you with transparency on consumption and production.

transparent energy consumption

Transparent energy consumption

Keep an eye on your consumption: You always know what costs you will have to face and thus can respond immediately.

smart production

Smart energy generation

Do you produce electricity yourself? With our solutions, you can keep an eye on your systems, manage electricity sales or improve your own consumption.

device detection

Transparency for individual devices and systems

See your power consumption change in real time when devices are turned on and off.

mobile notifications

Notifications sent straight to your smartphone

Receive email notifications and alerts for unusual consumption levels directly to your mobile phone.

Overview on Platform

Energy intelligence Platform

Our platform shows the exact consumption and production values. This provides an extensive overview and enables you to react as needed.

Landingpage - 4 - smart energy management

Smart energy management

We work closely with our customers and thus fit our services
perfectly to your requirements.

Discovergy Metering

Independent metering

As a metering point operator acting nationwide, we want to offer you our solutions from one single source. No matter where your sites are located.

Discovergy Visualization

Energy consumption made transparent

Keep an eye on your consumption: You always know what costs you will incur and have the flexibility to react immediately.


Smart energy generation

Do you produce your own electricity? Use Discovergy to keep an eye on your systems, manage electricity sales or improve your own consumption.

Landingpage - 5 - How Discovergy works

How Discovergy works

We deliver complete energy transparency from a single source - ranging
from metering technology and data preparation to the visualization for the end user


how discovergy works


Energy consumption and generation of devices or facilities are captured in real time and sent to our servers.


The raw data is securely stored, processed and evaluated by Discovergy using highly specialized algorithms.


Users see their data live via web or mobile app and receive smart notifications of unusual values.

Landingpage - 6 - Full transparency

Full energy transparency in three simple steps

Switching to Discovergy is child's play. We take care of the coordination
with your network operator and the installation of your smart meter in your home.

Step 1 Order

Place your order

Create an account and order your meter. Discovergy takes care of coordinating the replacement of your meter with your network operator.

Step 2 Installation date

Schedule installation date

We will schedule a date with you and one of our certified electricians will install your new Smart Meter. The installation takes about an hour.

Step 3 explore

Discover your energy

The meter connects to the server automatically and transmits the encrypted readings. After the first data was received, you can start discovering your energy.

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Thousands of households and companies are already

optimizing their energy with Discovergy.

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